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Review: Sony Bravia XBR-46HX929 Internet TV, The best of the best LED 3D TV.

Sony Bravia XBR-46HX929 3D LED TV Review.


If you are looking for the best TV of the Year. You'll find that Sony's TVs are usually occupied a rank 1 of almost every site and country such as Sony HX925 or Sony HX929.
If you want to know details about the Sony HX925, you can find it here. And today we are talking about Sony Bravia XBR-Hx929 which is Sony announced"The Best of the Best". This announcement was made we are interested that Sony would improve the technology better. How performance will be better or no different from the original? You would want to know  like us. So keep track of our review.

Sony-BRAVIA-HX929 3D LED TV Review   Sony-Bravia-XBR-46HX929-3D LED TV review

Sony XBR-HX929 Design.
Sony Bravia XBR-HX929 have 3 models in series: Sony XBR-46HX929(reviewed), Sony XBR-55HX929 and Sony XBR-65HX929. Comparison between the HX925 and HX929 design is no different. "Monolithic Design" is a concept design from Sony which is you will not be disappointed, You can be assured that it will mix and match in  the bedroom, living room or your home theater. Gorilla Glass is strong and lightweight display similarly, with no frame. This is a real Sleek design that we’ve impressed.

Sony XBR-HX929 Picture Test.
Imaging performance from spec, Sony HX929 have 2 Motion option; CineMotion and Motionflow XR 960 this option can step up refresh rates to 960Hz![HX 925 has 800 Hz]There are so many functions. We're not sure that we can use it all the functions or not.

Picture mode.
Sony HX929 have many picture mode to choose to use such as Picture Mode : Vivid, Standard, Photo-Vivid, Photo-Standard, Photo-Original, Photo-Custom, Cinema, Game-Standard, Game-Original, Graphics, Sports, Animation. If you do not like adjust anything. We recommend that you choose”Standard”
The full-array local-dimming LED or Sony call that “Intelligent Peak LED” technology can be controlled the light as a group was excellent and Opti-Contrast can increases brightness and minimizes unwanted light reflections.
We have been impressed in MotionFlow XR 800Hz of Sony HX925, but Sony HX929 have 900Hz which still have four mode, Smooth/ Standard/ Clear/ Clear Plus. Sony HX929 has 16:9 aspect ratio, refresh rate of 240 Hz, Full HD 1080p display. However, a basic refresh rate 240 Hz is good anyway when we test the performance of MotionFlow XR 960 by viewing “Avatar” blu-ray. from tested, we are impressed with detailed aspects, refresh perfectly. And to not cause dizziness or vomiting, you should to choose”Standard” (Depending on personal preference).
3D Picture and 2D-3D testing.
The Sony Bravia XBR-46HX929 uses active shutter 3D glasses to display full HD 3D images that have been developed from years ago to help "reduce flicker" of the glasses butter. We have noticed that Sony has improved 3D better than HX925 because we saw very little crosstalk. overall 3D test, the quality is very good that we are not surprised because the HX925 has done it well.
**We agree with all Web sites that contain surprises about Sony does not include any glasses in the box, even though the TV costs over $2000. While other TV brands deliver it to us already.**

2D testing: Sure, it is perfect quality. The X-Reality Pro technology which improves picture detail pixel-by-pixel when you watch low resolution video or movies that delivers sharpened images and amazing contrast detail too.

  • good frameless design.
  • Built-in 3D sync transmitter and 3D Active glasses
  • great deep black and shadows detail.
  • strong refresh rate of 240 Hz.
  • little crosstalk.
  • Good PC input resolution (VGA)
  • perfect quality 2D and 3D picture.
  • Best surround sound.
  • Slow web browser.
  • You puzzling and confusing to use menu.Unfortunately for some people who do not like reading manuals.
  • Expensive and without glasses.
  • Poor viewing angle.
We would not be exaggerating that the Sony Bravia XBR-HX929 actually the best of the best LED 3D TV in 2011 [Previously, we thought the HX-925 would be the best]. We recognize that we are impressed with Sony's improved a lot. 3D image is noticeable that less crosstalk, great blacks and shadows detail, natural colors. Although, sometimes you may feel annoyed with the backlight in bottom corners or slow web browser. The advantages and disadvantages of these, you will need to decide what is acceptable or not.

The Sony Bravia XBR-HX929 has a very hi-performance and has been compared to a plasma TV. Someone say that the HX929 has refresh rate better than plasma but some people disagree with this opinion. For us, we think that there's nothing better or worse. It all depends on personal preference and decide to spend your money.

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Review: Sony KLV- 32EX310 LED TV small TV but not small Picture Quality.

Review New Sony KLV-32EX310 LED TV.

Sony KLV--32EX310 LED TV Review

After VIDEOPHILE LCDTV AWARDS announced it was believed that many of you would be in a "TV" a new suit, "Nice place," "lifestyle", and "cost". Today this new generation of Sony's best selling model that is 32EX310 LED TV 32 "Screen Resolution HD Ready 1366 x 768. It has a little more exciting because of a Backlight LED lamp is often used with a TV with a resolution "Full HD" only. Sony was the pilot in the market for start-up LED / LCD TV on a budget. If you are looking for small LED TV, low cost, but the finer features to be stuffed full of bags.With all respect you do not miss this!

Sony KLV-32EX310 LED HDTV Review
 Sony KLV22EX310 LED TV review.
Sony's stylish design in the last year and this year will not hold a similar, Entry to the new version the Mid End will hit Black, Glossy Black tone and may have a gray or black bars like aluminum to the bottom. This year, the EX310 can not escape the concept was not much. It has a "thinner" than the older models are fairly This makes it more beautiful. In order to provide a "consistent" with the LED TV's are already so slim look "well"!. The design issues were considered "Pretty flat" on Black, Glossy Black, as well as the frame of the TV and the stand.
Swivel stand can be adjusted to meet the standards. Remarkable that some of the EX310 is thinner than an LCD TV quality on par with BX320.

I like some features. Although a smaller version. It does not mean the images are small features.The series of it. From the resolution screen with HD Ready 1366 x 768 come with BRAVIA Engine 3 processor chips plus a claim for up to 100,000:1 contrast and viewing angle of 178 degrees both vertically and horizontally.
Picture Mode: Scene.
Sony would have many picture mode to selection such as "Matching" with content that we get on. Simply press the button on the remote control only Scene.
The "master mode" which allows to include in the Picture Mode.
    1. Vivid:: brightness and color temperature, color and tone to the "cold" (Cool).
    Introduction ==> for a room with light from an external source is interrupted. The show openedwith the mall stores.
    2. Standard:: The light and bright in the medium. Warm color temperature as "medium" (Neutral).
    Introduction ==> suitable for normal home viewing.
    3. Custom:: Soft, light and contrast the tone down a color temperature is "warm" (Warm).
    Introduction ==> a dark room for the control light. The atmosphere of the theater.
NOTE: Picture Mode and Scene Mode and can be shared. The change from one mode will affect another one.
The quality of the image.
I use a DVD Blu-ray Player Oppo BDP-95 with LCD HDMI V1.4 Reference tool in this test. Starting from Batman:: The Dark Knight, which I took a look and remember to it again.The new episode has a long name to the next syllable, that is”The Dark Knight Rises” will be released. The Contrast and overall image detail that was in better than expected. Normally, when I tested the LED or LCD TV 32 low price is often just " rough burr "and" rough ".

but the Sony 32EX310 is better than expected. The "smooth" in the shading colors blend naturally , more high neutral. If the mode Custom (in the Picture Mode) or in Cinema Mode on the Picture Mode definition is "lightly" to all. You can adjust Sharpness level up to +10 in the experience of watching a lot more. Without loss of tone to the cinema much.

The colorful of characters like Harvey Dent's face, it looks natural. Sharpness and detail remained moderate. It is not seen more skin moles, liver spots and freckles.
I change to watch a favorite movie Blu-ray movie “the James Bonds 007:: Casino Royale”, which has been recognized as one of the best picture in terms of concentration of the scene of action is not put a sloppy, boring, and a touching drama.

Face of the James Bonds (Daniel Craig) in Standard mode, the bright and bold in the good, not keen eye, dimensional images are strong enough, not floating like a cube in 3D. Because there was no Motion Flow to help, but it did not go quite flat. The ability to display black and dark shading (Shadow Detail) do much better than expected.

Normally, this price class, I found "a black sink,". the 32EX310 did not show signs of sinking the black to our team see clearly at all. The dimensional images of nature (no dummy) is expressed as the expected outstanding!
Advanced Contrast Enhancer improves image detail in the dark.
Panel of the test, then have a good quality, not black and sank. It is recommended to close or Low enough.
Live Color adds a fresh experience to color's overall image. Personally, it does not work.
If you use them, the BX320 or BX300 fully open level, because the Panel are relatively tepid.

Free TV Test.
The test was "fixed" by the reception of DTV-Analog Output, and the AV cable, yellow, white, red, and I sat watching from a distance of approximately 1.5 to 2 meters. I agree that "satisfied" in picture quality. I must give credit to an HD Ready 1366x768 screen resolution, it makes little difference. The contrast is excellent. And even the small screen again, so can not sue a rough model of the source Standard Definition. If a big screen TV, it will come out quite clearly against it.

The Sony 32EX310 has a smart sensor, called "Intelligent Picture Plus" which will allow us to "strength" of the signals from sources such as Analog Terminal AV cable or RF. The full DTV that  I push the full tube. The power tubes are shown as "green" which means a very strong signal. The antennae on the pole shrimp or a traditional antenna. The my neighborhood was quite stuffy signal. The lamp  power tubes to show a very low signal strength is displayed as a "red".

And finally, we can choose the mode “Picture Optimisation” to customization balance picture "High definition" (Crisp), and "comfort level" (Smooth) of Analog signal source to display a home as well. If you like " hi-def quality" would move to the left (Crisp), the image is sharper and more hi-def. If so, it will display the Noise and rough, or if you like "soft" would be to the right (Smooth) it.

The quality of the picture. I consent to Sony 32EX310 better than expected. Detail and clarity in the criteria for moderate to very good is better than BX320 LCD TV and BX300 years ago. But EX310 not butter to the degree LED TV version of EX520, a screen resolution of Full HD. Features of fine mode images were made ​​in the Picture Mode and Scene it very suitable for"Rookie" Plus, there are features Live Color / Adv Contrast Enhancer / Clear White to enhance the image in order to it. It is quite impressive in their "courageous" of Sony's investment in order for them to come to this!

Sound system.
Sony 32EX310 the speaker sound system with 8 Watts + 8 Watts RMS of speaker placement will be "Shot Down Sound", with sound mode and ready to come.
    1. Dynamic:: The increased dynamic range, high volume and low noise. For your viewing pleasure.
    Introduction ==> a movie game.
    2. Standard:: high, medium, low volume to maintain a relatively constant level.
    Introduction ==> Use a regular TV.
    3. Clear Voice:: The elevation of "sound" a voice "conversations" to be clearer.
    Introduction ==> Use a watch sitcoms or news item.
The Surround sound mode as well so it has come to include a Cinema / Music / Sports / Game, which will automatically detect the sound mode with Scene modes are selected. That is, if we choose a Scene mode that automatically adjusts the TV to Cinema mode and Cinema as a pair as well (Scene mode automatically adjusts both audio and video).

The sound quality of the sample, it does not make a lot of criticism. Watching TV are generally clear and comfortable listening ear.But because the speakers are small and compact unit is just 32 "making it physically will not provide a" sound stage ", so it would not open. (Tested in Standard Mode, which is the standard mode).

As if you live in a small room with a wall surrounding the Surround mode to help you make action movies that often hit the loud bang that sound even more to watch the video and audio experience will be enhanced accordingly. Are not limited to sound, "the drowning" in front of the TV alone!

FM Radio
Simply connect the antenna to the RF.Then just press the "Home" by remote control. Then select the "FM Radio" is a radio station you want and various stations set up with a name at all. The sound quality, it depends on how much space we have input. If you open the cover, no tall buildings or obstacles, it is considered that much better.

USB slot to play Multimedia.
Sony's USB port supports External HDD and USB Flash Drive to play multimedia files such as images, music or videos such as family mkv, avi and Divx video, you can play normally. The static image is a jpeg. Finally,I have mp3 music here.

PIP & Twin Picture.
PIP = Picture In Picture and Twin Picture = two imaging systems along with a feature Sony's small size, this is a long time. While other brands as I checked it was called off this feature to leave out. The visual display of the PIP and Twin Picture, then we can choose a "screen" output from the HDMI and the "small screen" display of the AV and RF.

Light Sensor.
The sensor has detected the light in our room and go up or down to adjust the TV brightness to suit room conditions such as The room is dark and the TV will automatically dim the brightness. The optimal level of light in the eye, not too bright. We can choose to activate them in Light Sensor on Eco Mode.

Power Saving.
In Eco mode, as well as Light Sensor. It works differently in that it is the Light Sensor automatically detects, The Power Saving is you have to press the remote to adjust by yourself. There are 4 models to choose from Off / Low / High / Screen Off. If you choose Low or High Level it will reduce the brightness level down respectively. We recommend that you use when in a dark room or bedroom. In addition to helping your eyes. It also saves energy costs. the ‘‘Screen Off’’ is off picture and the sound alone. It is perfect for my mom "to iron" and then "listen news" to the same time.

  1. even with the screen resolution is HD Ready. But was strong in both HD and SD, not sink black like a saving LED TV version of the third party.
  2. The basic features such as Scene are easy to use for beginners.
  3. A minor features but useful such as FM radio / PIP / power saving mode.
  1. When you switch Input, It’s may be Detect signal and delayed a little display.
  2. Connector to the somewhat limited.
Sony KLV-32EX310 is a small LED TV with built-in high-value one another. The quality of picture and sound quality are standards. The features that are required to complete. The design is compact, sleek, no space. I can answer that 32EX310 well with customers who want a small TV, Limited budget and is not necessary to play the function of the Internet.(If the Internet TV player to jump play 32CX520 or EX520 instead.) Sony 32EX310 Perhaps it may seem small in both size and model in the eyes of others. In fact, it is great and very worthwhile in itself. If we choose to use it properly with us.
Sony 32EX310

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Sony 32EX520 Calibration and Picture Setting.

Sony's 32EX520 TV reviews completed. You can read it back.Today, we are offering to set up the 32EX520 TV. This TV is a cost-effective, beautiful, easy to use and easy to customize, Full HD 1920x 1080, X-Reality Picture Engine. Another advantage is Multimedia & Internet which is fairly simple and more apps.
Sony 32EX520 led- sony lcd hdtv review 1

Sony 32EX520 Calibration.

Picture Setting Calibrated.
Picture Mode Custom
Backlight Max
Picture Max
Brightness 37
Color 50
Hue 0
Color Temperature Warm2
Sharpness 40
CineMotion Off
Noise reduction Off
Dot noise reduction Off
Powre saving Off

HDTV Calibration Software.

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Sony 32EX520 LED TV Review.

Another elegant design: Sony 32EX520 LED TV Review.

If talking about the TV that has a lot of people do today. It is inevitable LED TV. Since the mid-price level or slightly higher than the LCD TV.But still not expensive as 3D TV. Today we catch one of the favorite brands like Sony to review for you. This is a "hit" sell like hot cakes are selling well in both value and tangible; the  EX520 on 32 ".
Sony 32EX520 led- sony lcd hdtv review.

Sony 32EX520 Design.

The first thing to mention is the design of the EX520. In 2011, Sony is also important to design a simple and allows customers to believe that is something like the slogan “Make.Believe”. For example, the EX520 was a slim, elegant, Glossy Black and the lower edge, with dark gray trim may look similar to the CX520.
The EX520's remote is a replica of the original model.But it's also easy to use and is a great hand comfortably. Stand Back onto the TV fix with 3 bolts and add strength with a knot at the top. Classified as very strong!.
Concluded that the design of the Sony EX520, it still retains its original identity. I believe it is "desirable" customers who love the Sony brand of course. Its outstanding beauty, with the added luxury and  thinness LED TV.

Kdl32ex520-bravia-led-sony lcd hdtv review

Sony EX520 Picture.

the most important part of the TV, then there is the "Picture". The Sony is still using the X-Reality chip same as LCD Sony CX520. The chip also been highlights featured of the Sony TV's all.  Capable of it. I will explain to understand the "basic". It is a adjust the picture to more beautiful, Noise reduction as well as all kinds, whether in a movie scene at night, and lighting, when played old files from VCD DVD player with a not good deal Noise. The chip will be adjust better "than ever before." It is developed on top of the Bravia Engine3 a good result to be very satisfactory.
Scene Mode.
Scene modes that adjust the audio to match the type of picture that we are watching. You can press the remote controller directly. Mode is very convenient such as Game mode will be added to make up the volume and the brightness while watching as well. In Cinema mode, it is the software down to your eyes for  the long view, it will not pain the eyes.
  • Auto - Automatically adjust the mode to match with the file that we are watching.
  • General - Closing Scene modes and used picture adjustments usually in Option> Picture.
  • Cinema - adjust audio and video into a movie.
  • Sports - adjust video and audio to the sports.
  • Music - to adjust the sound to the music or concerts.
  • Animation - adjusts the image to watch the cartoon or the animation.
  • Photo - for viewing photos and use the Slide Show Resolution to 1080i / p 50/60Hz only.
  • Game - adjust audio and video to playing games.
  • Graphics - adjusts the image to the use of the Computer or Notebook to display on a TV screen.
Wide Mode.
For Sony EX520 is also used to adjust the picture mode as well as LED and LCD models. Work is similar, as the CX520 LCD.
  • Full - the full screen or portion of the "Just Scan" is displayed Pixel per pixel. If a file has resolution of 1920 x 1080 will display a 1: 1 pixel .
  • Normal - the normal picture. The image is not stretched out on the side. Suitable for watching TV, or a file size of 4: 3.
  • Zoom - to zoom into a cutting edge on the bottom edge a little.
  • Caption - to zoom it to affect the fewest subtitles.
  • Wide Zoom - to zoom to wide angle, using a ratio of 16: 9.
Test: Content  in the moon's light of Pioneer about Backlight control. By default, Edge LED no have Local Dimming function in the light room. It is obvious that for the Sony EX520 in good, if you seen middle screen it is fairly black level and can not see the Backlight. However, if seen from the side, it might be to some. It is normal.

Watching Free TV.
In terms of watching free TV of cable TV. The contrast remained strong. Details of the photo is full displayed. The obvious advantage is the reduction Noise of X-Reality chip of the test by adjusting the Noise Reduction function to every “High”. Compared between before and after the adjustment. Sharpness of the picture missing along the edge of a small object is observed, it is not an issue to exchange for the Noise is gone. Better contrast than LCD's Sony BX320 or CX520.

Connect your computer to display.
To test the computer to display on a TV screen.
First, Adjust the Wide Mode to “Full” The image is still cut off top and bottom edges slightly. recommended adjustment “Display Area” at +1 to display full screen.(Adjustable menu Home> Screen and Display Area.)

Sound system that came with the Sony EX520 is a fine adjustment, can adjust the Treble, Bass, Balance, including systems that provide a Stereo or Surround S-Force Quality, it is okay for general use in the home. In short, if you like the sound that is quite wide and has a dimension to enable S-Force Front Surround 3D. But personally, I like the sound of the traditional in the Original. It provides comfort and slip the ears and suitable for watching movies long time. ( Select to adjust the TV sound through the built-in “Audio System”.
For the other speakers home Theatre System or a separate amp).
  • Standard mode, the Treble and Bass to +6.
  • Dynamic mode, Bass and Treble to be as high as +10,is perfect for watching Action movies and want to sound dramatic impact.
  • Clear Voice mode to adjust the voice conversation to clear up.

Sony Internet TV Content.
Sony is known for "Internet TV" to connect the two is done via LAN cable to the back of the unit or use a USB Wi-Fi (optional) to the receiver. The team can use the LAN cable into the back, it can be connected immediately. The content that people attention, it would be the Social Network, Youtube or BBTV, or even the Web Browser can be done.
The keyboard. Applications are not very complicated. Similar to the mobile. For example, need type B, press 2 twice.

Web Browser.
The test of the team, EX520 can access to various sites as well. The speed of loading web pages, depending on the speed of your Internet-enabled. It may require familiarity with the remote to type for people who are not proficient. And when clicking on the menus of the page. Press the arrow keys to scroll down to it, may take time a little bit if it's a description of a lot of data.
  • Music Search to find details of the music from the Internet.
  • Video Search Search for a film that includes the length of the story of an actor.
  • Social Network is a Twitter Widget can check with watching the TV.
Presense Sensor
The Mode are the highlights of the Sony which is other can not, is the motion sensor of the user. If we are not on the TV screen. The motion sensor is not within the specified time. It will shut down the screen. (But also a sound that is). help to saving energy. though, LED TV uses less energy already.

Light Sensor.
Light Sensor  is very convenient function. Because the TV will adjust the screen brightness to match ambient light in the room. For example, If we set the TV in the living room a lot during the day light. We need higher Backlight. In order to see clearly without being reflected ambient light. But at night, where we adjust the Backlight to be greater. We will get eye pain. This function will adjust to the light by which we choose to be On / off.

PIP & Twin Picture.
PIP or Picture in Picture for many people are familiar with this word a bit. For the difference between the PIP and Twin Picture. PIP is a large picture display and has a small pic stacked in the corner. Twin Picture is two pictures do not overlap, Can be adjusted to the left or right and adjust the size of each image. Great!


Summary of the advantages of Sony 32EX520.
  1. good-looking designs, LED is a "thin".
  2. more save energy, Presense Sensor and Light Sensor, as well as executive power does not go waste.
  3. Processor X-Reality to adjust for the better, such as Noise Reduction, the better fresh, vibrant images than ever before.
  4. A lot of Function of the Internet to use , as well as a Web Browser.
The downside of the Sony 32EX520.
  1. Lacking the Motion Flow 100Hz to enhance the flow of time, watching the scene with the camera panning over.
  2. Functions in a variety of Internet applications. It requires familiarity and the Local Content as well not have it.
  3. Speakers, If the noise is very loud, the speakers will shake a little. It is normal that some of the LED display.
Overall, Sony 32EX520 is another option to keep an eye on, If you are looking for affordable LED TV with the clarity and detail of the image in the LCD TV is better than the standard range,  with the panel itself. The chip X-Reality, a 32-inch TV, elegant design set in the living room, it looks good or use it to focus support to a variety of formats and functions use a wide range of Internet options. Web browser can access. Of course, I think 32EX520 to a "full-on".

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Review;Sony 46HX925 3D Full LED The new definition of entertainment.

When talking about "design" brand, Sony is not the second to none.By the year 2011 Sony continues to repeat the success with the design “Monolithic Design” and technology, "Intelligent Peak LED" (Full LED TV) with functions for 3D Active Shutter Glasses for reducing the image flickering equivalent of Cinema 3D from competing brands.
Sony HX925 model for the size 46 "to the test yet again 2 sizes larger than the 55"and 65 ".I started testing it in both design and function of various to tested a lot. That really excited for me.
Sony KDL-46HX925_SONY lcd hdtv review
Sony KDL 46HX925 Design.
Starting with "design" of the Sony HX925 is "Monolithic Design" that I must say, "Very handsome". A single sheet of glass screens CORNING's Gorilla Glass Panel, the beautiful and elegant, Impact protection as well. Deep Black screen, I can not see the edges of the TV screen. The fit is quite slim at 38 mm. Unfortunately, that is not Bar Stand place this test.
backside has ventilated and the middle has Subwoofer. When turned on, the indicators are displayed with 3D Transmitter. It's a new Active Shutter Glasses and free 2 Piece.Remotely similar to other models. For ease of use, not to be confused, able to glow for use in the dark.

   Sony_46HX925 remote sony lcd hdtv review

Sony 46HX925 Picture Test.
For spec of "Sony 46HX925" Full HD 2 million pixels screen, resolution of 1920 x 1080 LED Backlight Intelligent Peak LED or Full LED chip with a new X-Reality Pro to increase picture sharpness. Support 3D Content for all forms and functions to convert 2D into 3D.

For an animation function makes the animation smoother by “MotionFlow XR800”. Also, the screen is OptiContrast CORNING's and Gorilla Glass Panel and help the black and light control.

Aspect Ratio:: Wide Mode. Sony HX925 is the proportion of images to choose from five types; Wide Zoom / Normal / Full / Zoom / Caption. If you want the TV to display every pixel to choose "Full" also known as the Just Scan. In others, they will have some pictures to Crop.

Picture Mode.For Picture mode have 3 menu  are available in Standard / Vivid / Custom. Most of them will choose to view images in Standard mode, which is a neutral color, not dark, good!

Scene Mode.Scene mode in which only one ready to Sony. This would be consistent the picture and sound according to the picture mode that you select such as Sports mode will give better color and sound will resonate like sitting in the stadium. This mode is easy to use. You can choose from the buttons on the remote immediately.

MotionFlow. Sony 46HX925 with MotionFlow XR 800Hz enable smoother motion, reduce image blur and overlap. Available in four levels, Smooth / Standard / Clear / Clear Plus. But if high levels (Clear / Clear Plus) motion images can misleading when viewing a long time. May be confused a head. advisable to open the "Standard" only.

3D Picture and 2D-3D testing. Sony 46HX925 can play a full 3D on 3 feature; 1) Framepack 2) Side by Side 3) Top bottom. The function Simulated 3D or 2D into 3D will be able to play all the signals.
  • Framepack highlight is "not blinking".Good color vision but have problems about Crosstalk when looking away from the center.
  • Side by Side Dimensional image, like in real 3D.
  • Top-Bottom Sony using Over-Under, it is unique style .. good look.
Simulated 3D or convert a regular 2D image into a 3D. we tested on the Batman movie as 2D. Just press the Option key on the remote control and select the 3D format is the"Simulated 3D". It will convert 2D images into 3D images. Dimensional images, which really will be about 30% -40% of true 3DD images. We can adjust. "The dimension of the 3D model" (Simulated 3D Effect) as well. If adjustments a very high level, the picture is even more the dimension increases. But we recommended level is Medium.
Finally, Hidef 2D. We must said that Sony HX925 present the image dimensions, natural colors, the image depth by OptiContrast screen, great depth dimensions of the image  and Black control over their competitor. beautiful pictures!

Sony 65HX925 - sony lcd hdtv review

Sony HX925 Function.
  • BRAVIA Internet Video: You can view the video clip from the well-known video clip website such as YouTube, Nation Channel and others. We can connect to the Internet, either wired or wireless LAN and WIFI.
  • BRAVIA Internet Widgets: fully support the Social Network, Facebook, Twitter and Skype as well.
  • PIP: Function Picture in Picture. Another feature that Sony has not abandoned it. And select the audio channels anywhere.
  • Ambient Sensor: Intelligent sensor adjusts the brightness of the TV to match the brightness of the room.
  • Good Design, The Monolithic Design look alike iPhone screen. Great!
  • OptiContrast screen and CORNING's Gorilla Glass Panel light control as well.
  • The image does not flicker. Although, it is a 3D Active. Superior than other brands.
  • Superb 2D quality picture.
  • Built-in WiFi.
  • Best quality sound.
  • Local Dimming is also 4 square block or big 4 square block.
  • USB do not support External HDD.
  • have Crosstalk when looking away from the center.
I have to say that Sony 46HX925 very handsome.It impressed me a lot. For 3D, even the Sony 46HX925 is a 3D Active but it can eliminate the distracting flashes of images very well. 2Dimages of the Sony 46HX925 as well as natural colors, good black control and the picture is very dimensional. There may be some glare because the screen is glass. If your room can control the light, We recommend that the Sony 46HX925 is the best TVs.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 3D HDTV set up and calibration.

Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 3D HDTV series picture set up and calibration.


Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 3D HDTV has advantages of viewing HD movies, or great 2D quality. If you like watching TV, and 3D is a giveaway. Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 3D HDTV is one interesting alternative. The X-Reality Engine, this technology will prevent you from trouble or confuse of configuring the TV. It analyzes each scene to provide color and contrast to optimal, so the picture is clear, clean and colorful. If you like customization, we have a table set up for you to try to adjust. We hope that our set up will make you happy.

** We set up a TV in a dark room, so the settings in the table below may vary according to the environment of the room.**

Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 3D HDTV Picture Set up and Calibration Table.

Picture Setting.
Picture Mode
Custom Mode
Color Temperature
Warm 2
Noise Reduction
MPEG Noise Reduction
Off (On when watching sports)
Auto 2
Power Saving
Light Sensor
Advanced Setting Menu
Black Corrector
Adv.Contrast Enhancer
Auto Light Limiter
Clear White
Live Color
Detail Enhancer
Edge Enhancer
Skin Naturalizer
I/P Conversion Preference

Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 Compared with Bravia KDL-NX810.

Sony Bravia KDL-NX810 series.Sony Bravia KDL-NX810 series are The best hi-end TV, This may be inappropriate for us to compare with Sony Bravia KDL-EX720. It is like a brother against brother, but everyone wants to know who wins. Sony Bravia NX810 debut with a high price. But it is an acceptable price. Although, many people may have to be patient to wait for lower prices in order to have the opportunity to buy it.

Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 series.
Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 series just released about two months, When comparing prices with the NX810, and result in more choice in deciding to buy a TV. Sony has updated and added new technologies into the KDL-EX720. then the technology is better than the best TV, such as the NX810.Let's see that the performance of both.

Performance Sony Bravia KDL- NX810 Sony Bravia KDL-EX720
Black Level Excellent. Excellent.
Brightness The average acceptable. Better than NX810.
Contrast Ratio Fairly ( 2957:1) Excellent Contrast.(5376:1)
3D Performance Great in 3D effect. still have some problem with Crosstalk and contrast. The problem has been improved, but still not good enough.
2D Performance Excellent. Excellent.
Motion Performance The average acceptable. Great.
3:2 Pulldown& 24fp Great. has few problems.
Resolution Great. The average acceptable.
Reflective Highly reflective screen. Highly reflective screen.
Video Processing Great. Great.
Sound Quality Acceptable. Great.
Menu Interface Great. Acceptable.
Input Ports Necessary ports, built-in wifi. lots of HDMI port, Requires separate purchase of a USB wifi adapter.
Internet Features Great. Excellent.
Score. 8.00 8.55


Overall, the look can see that Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 better than Sony Bravia KDL-NX810, because of problems occur with the NX810 has been modified from Sony. You can buy a 55 inch TV at a cost that is not different. 
Before you buy, you should have the opportunity to try to see and test performance.Because of our discussion, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of users around the world, which may have different opinions.Therefore, your preference may be different from others. Belief in the comments of others without testing, may make your product does not meet the requirements.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 3D LCD HDTV reviews.

New!! KDL- EX720 series from Sony Bravia 3D hdtv.


Sony Bravia KDL- EX720 3D tv series.

Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 3D Special price.

Sony Bravia KDL- EX720 3D TV Introduce .

Although the past several months, Sony has released Bravia KDL-EX720 3D HDTV series, but we do not rush in to write reviews. Because we want to check the satisfaction of the customer. We do not believe in the quality of Sony, but we want to know that good quality TV will work really well or not. And now we are sure, then it's time for us to write reviews about KDL-EX720 3D HDTV.
Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 series have five models.( In Our review is Sony 40EX720)
Sony Bravia KDL-32EX720, Sony Bravia KDL-40EX720, Sony Bravia KDL-46EX720, Sony Bravia KDL-55EX720 and Sony Bravia KDL-60EX720.

Sony Bravia KDL-40EX720 3D TV Design.


When viewed from the image above, then, we can see that the TV version of this slim and thin. It's designed like the elegance with which we have come to expect from Sony. Cover and stand is understated, a reduction in the background so as not to adversely affect what is displayed on the screen. In the bottom of the left corner you will find the IR, light and motion sensors and IR signals in sync with the 3D glasses.
The back of the TV have a lot of connected port, especially the Sony has HDMI is the 4 port but no the S-Video, Memory Card and WiFi.

Sony Bravia KDL-40EX720 3D with Internet services.

Many of the new 2011 Sony’s like KDL - 55EX720, including browsers, great feature that seems paralyzed by the absolutely godawful interface, everything done through the remote control that comes with a thin TV, way to type in the URL, click on the links, you must use the D-pad on the remote to scroll through the list, click it until you get all you want. What's worse, Sony does not allow using the mouse or keyboard, although there are two perfectly good USB ports.
One way only, this will allow us to use TV instead of computer, that is a computer in the world was attacked by a virus. The only thing that should be considered Sony KDL-40EX720 TV than a computer that is a lot of music and video services only. Forget it, if you expect that use it as a browser.
Some of the services that are recognized more like Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube are charged extra. But Sony have hidden items in a variety of services "BRAVIA Internet Video" submenu such as videos for cooking, exercise, or style. We think no different from other TV brands.
Outstanding features of Sony this year is TrackID. The TrackID or Gracenote features is music database service, you can watch TV and when the song comes on that you like. But not to recognize the touch of a button on the remote TrackID to wait about 10-30 seconds, and the track appears in the corner of the screen, a simple but stunning and also a complete "Smart TV".

Performance of the Sony KDL-40EX720.


3D Performance.

TV manufacturers, include Sony have all announced New 3D technology, particularly in reducing the crosstalk problem in 2011. We are not convinced. Although, the problem of crosstalk will be reduced, and 3D glasses will be developed better.
However, 3D viewing, it still is not quite pleasant because active glasses are still problems than passive glasses. For Sony KDL-40EX720 still has many problems, but color some very poorly when set on top of other colors in black on white, like a full description of the 3D, in fact, objects in black on a background color does have a problem. White, red and white on the blue also caused some problems. But not a bad summary of 3D breaks down frequently enough to be annoying and cause headaches, but better than last year.

2D Performance.

We have been impressed with the X-Reality Picture Engine - the engine's advanced image management at Sony is to analyze each scene to provide color and contrast to optimal. Enjoy a great picture!!.
  • Black Level – Great performance.
  • Brightness – Sony KDL-40EX720 has problems than other brands.which failed to deliver a bright enough picture.
  • Contrast - Great contrast.
  • Motion Performance – Good MotionFlow when watching sports, but strange on movies.
  • Video Processing - Sony KDL-40EX720 has problems about 1080p/24. Recommended CineMotion in Auto 2 mode to get the best performance.
  • Reflectance – Highly reflectance.

Sony KDL-40EX720’s Conclusion.

Sony KDL-40EX720 suitable for those who prefer to view high-definition movies (as well as viewing streaming video service).and music.It also great features, such as x-reality that makes the best video signal and excellent color performance, and smooth motion. We are sure that Sony can do better than other TV brands.
In terms of 3D viewing and Internet services, we see that Sony is not different from other TV brands. That these features are enough to be acceptable for us.

Sony Bravia KDL-EX720 3D LED HDTV Picture setting and Calibration.

    Friday, 18 February 2011

    Sony KDL-NX810 3D LED TV Calibration and Picture Setting.

    Sony KDL-NX810 3D calibration

    Sony KDL-NX810 3D LED TV Calibration and Picture Setup.

    I have said in my review that Sony KDL-NX810 3D is the best Hi-end TV for home theater. It has not been mentioned previously exaggerating. Because you do not need to setting anything at all, it is designed to work well. There is a lot to menu to adjust for choosing for user. Using the standard setting from the manufacturer is the best choice. But if you want to customize something better, we have examples for you to customize the test to apply.

    Sony NX810 3D Calibrated.

    Picture Mode Custom
    Picture 95
    Motionflow Off
    CineMotion Off
    Local Dimming Off
    Advance Contrast Enhancer Off
    Live Colour Off

    Pc Connect setting screen ==> Scene Select ==>Graphics

    2D Convert 3D ==>3D meun==>3D format==> Simulate 3D

    Video mode==> I recommended choosing “Standard”

    Thursday, 17 February 2011

    Sony KDL-NX810 3D LED TV Review.

    Sony BRAVIA KDL-NX810 3D LED TV is the best hi-end television from Sony.

    sony_bravia_NX810 review

    Sony KDL-NX810 series.
    Special price


    Although, we intend to review too late because Sony has launched a KDL-NX810 LEDTV version of this last month Nov 2010. But it's not too late to decide to buy the KDL-NX810 TV version. Let’s see why we choose to have this TV version is a high-class TV for home theater.

    The Sony KDL-NX810 series have three models:(in my review is KDL-55NX810)
    Sony Bravia KDL-46NX810: 46-inch = estimate price $3,000.
    Sony Bravia KDL-55NX810: 55-inch = estimate price $3,700
    Sony Bravia KDL-60NX810: 60-inch = estimate price $4,700

    Design: The Sony KDL-55NX810 had shaped glass slim sheets large black with a slim stand or you can place it on a bar stand(Can be tilted to back up to 6 degrees). Sony logo on the middle screen and glows when turned on.

    Sony KDL-55NX810 review..

    Otherwise the buttons on the back. Cut off switch with Stand By.

    Sony KDL-NX810 review.

    The Sony KDL-55NX810 had limited input port that is 4 HDMI, 1 Component, 1 Composite, 1 VGA, 2 Analog Audio/in, 1 Digital Audio/out, 1 USB, and support DLNA, Wifi. oh, sorry no have S-Video port and Memory Card.


    Black Level : Good black level.
    Brightness : Not good enough,This lower brightness can lead to reduced details in the high end and exacerbates the effect of external light shining on the screen.
    Backlight : The Sony KDL-55NX810 had three LED Dynamic Control setup :
    •  Off - Still moderate light.
    •  Standard - Dark background better, do better lighting control.
    •  Low - Acceptable. I recommend that should select Off.

    2D Picture : Great picture quality, deep black level and nice refresh rate. Overall, very impressed.

    3D Picture : Great dimensional image and good reduction in Crosstalk . The animation is good. more option Effects 3D dimensional and more flexible adjust function as a 2D conversion 3D. Another factor one, I believe that part of the 3D images can be shown that it better is “OptiContrast Panel “can reduces glare. And including the Black level, it was a great help to promote even deeper dimension to the other. But we don’t like just one that  it gets pushed a bit to the right for your left eye and a bit to the left for your right eye. As the TV flickers between images, the middle of the object will stay more or less the same. The edges, however, will alternate rapidly between the dark object and the lighter background. The problem arises because the TV can't switch between such extreme colors rapidly, leading to the left eye's image altering the right eye's image and vice versa.The second problem is there seems to be a noticeable strobe effect from the glasses. We noticed it even when we weren't looking at the TV. We saw this effect in other TVs too, but not this noticeably.
    Viewing Angle : Have a narrow viewing so you will have to sit in front of the screen to reduce glare.

    Internet Features : The Sony KDL-55NX801 can support Sony’s line-up of online content, which is so far than the interface content from Samsung and Panasonic offering. Of course, it must be different from Sony NSX-GT1 Google Internet TV.

    Overall, we very impressed with the Sony KDL-55NX810 that had good design(can be eye spell your guest at all), great black level, best convert 2D to 3D systems. There may be disadvantages on 3D glasses but does not matter because of good overall excellence. If you are not a very fussy person, The Sony KDL-55NX810 is the another choice to allow you to meet new experiences that you will be impressed.

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