Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sony Bravia XBR-46HX909 3D TV Review.


The Best : Produced greatly deep levels of black, correctly video processing handle 1080p/24 ; 240 Hz refresh rate , good 2D to 3D conversion system, clear and smooth pictures ,smart design

The Poor : more expensive, black areas tinged bluer, not include 3D glasses and IR synch emitter, and The TV doesn’t have any Internet apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and news sites, though.

Price Range : $ 3,149.98 – $ 3,149.99
Optional 3D Glasses : TDG-BR100, $150/ pair , and IR synch emitter : TMR-BR100, $50,
required for 3D viewing : Optional USB Wi-Fi dongle UWA-BR100, $ 80

Introduce Product.

Experience cinematic hi-quality 3D effects and the latest Sony LCD screen. The 46 inches smart design is part of the XBR-HX909 series and has some impressive features that bring more to your home entertainment. The Sony Bravia XBR-46HX909 offer full HD quality and is capable of converting 2D images into 3D with the touch of a button.


The XBR-46HX909 series looks almost exactly like the  KDL-NX800 series. The TV is featureless black plate when turned off, cover by a single pane of glass that covered almost to the edge of the panel on all sides. A sliver of black metal edges of the glass and wrap-around the edges. The logos and indicators are almost invisible, the word "Sony" lights up after power-on (the light can be turned off). you stand can tilt back 6 degrees.

Remote control.

Sony offer one of the best remotes. The concavity clicker length seems to send the thumb to the Home Key and the medium cursor high control. We like the capacity to control other devices via infrared or HDMI, and we wish the blue backlight also illuminated every button than “ Home”.


Sony XBR-46HX909 offers a 2D-to-3D conversion system that can convert any video to 2D ,such as Netflix, YouTube, and yes, "Ford Models" etc, to 3D. Certainly, The Sony XBR- HX909 series not include 3D glasses and IR synch emitter,


Sony has also set the video quality of streaming : Netflix on XBR-HX909 series, so now its perform vrey well as we anticipate for this service. If the mainstream current is not your bag, the plethora of lesser-known video service with Sony, which most do not appear on the TV - Internet others can appeal. The list includes names such as Minisode Network,,,, Dr. Oz, Michael Jackson, Dailymotion, Sony offers a keyword search, which covers most  niche services. there were 142 video results for an "iphone" search, for example. unluckily, the search doesn't cover YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and other major services.

Internet Apps
Yahoo widgets   No Skype   No
Vudu apps   No Weather   No
Facebook   No News   No
Twitter   No Sports   No
Photos Picasa and other Stocks   No
: Other photo services include Shutterfly and Photobucket.

Picture Setting.

The Sony XBR-46HX909 have nine picture modes : three modes available from the standard menu (Vivid, Standard and Custom) and six from the scene setting menu. New for this year, Sony provides the select of applying any preset,The four presets are called Standard, Smooth, Clear 1 and Clear 2. Like Samsung, Sony also sports two modes for LED local dimming.

3D picture quality

Sony also offers a 2D-to-3D conversion system, can add a 3D to all 2D video material and including streaming video like Netflix. We compared 46HX909 directly to the two other TV. the Sony's was a bit better in our view, both had enough issues, Watching "Avatar," for example, the effect of simulated depth was more pronounced on the Other one. But the sony’s 3D system not better than the Other TV.

Black level : the Sony XBR-46HX909 delivered a deeper shade of black than any of the other.

PC: As a big computer monitor, the HX909 worked very well, resolving every line of a 1,920x1,080 source, with no overscan or edge enhancement, via both VGA and HDMI. VGA did reveal some minor interference in a few horizontal resolution test patterns, but normal PC content like text and icons was pristine.

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