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Review Sony KDL-40Ex650 the best value LED HDTV in 2012

Review Sony KDL-40EX650 LED HDTV.

Review Sony KDL-40EX650 LED HDTV.

The Sony KDL-40EX650 is Sony’s most affordable LED TV model in 2012. But even as the economy, and Sony does not cut features or equipment needed to leave such as HDMI output with up to four channels, PIP (picture 2 of the screen at the same time) or even a still image is unique, both natural and good detail.

Sony KDL-40EX650 Design.

The design of this 40EX650 comes in a sleek style of the Sony brand. At the time it passed a few years, it remains a classic. (You can see that the design of Sony, will not be much different both the Economy and the high-end version). The TV was still black. If you a closer look you will see pattern similar to Kevlar sticker. The screen is still the anti-reflection film. The reliability of the machine is moderate. In summary, the design of the EX650 concept is still the classic, elegant style, the stand can be rotated (15 degrees).pleasing Sony fan! Remote control is still the same concept in the design. So that the user is not confused, with larger numbers for ease in changing channels.
Sony KDL-40EX650 Picture Quality.
"Image" of the Sony EX650 is Edge LED TV screen resolution with Full HD 1920x1080 or so-called 2-megapixel screen S-PVA or the soft and color bright, especially in view and a fantastic left- right not much. Glare screen film, it is easy to use and does not need any device to cover the light
Highlights of the Sony is still the chip image processing "X-Reality" , which is provide the color of the virtual image (Although not as X-Reality PRO in high-version, While still maintaining a style that's unique of Sony entirety) and Motionflow XR 100Hz to help with the animation to look natural.

Picture Mode.
Sony EX650 is still in full maintains its own identity, view from the mode that has three modes, Standard, Vivid, and Custom. Even HX855 the hi-end version also has three modes as well (compared to other brands, have a lot more). However, Sony has added a "Scene Mode" to allow users to select a mode to suit the content that can be handled. Also known as a ready mode overlap ready mode again. As a result, modifying the image in greater detail.
Sony EX650 is great detailed in the dark already. Thus, the function Adv. Contrast Enhancer is not required " suggest to turn off (Off)". For light control, the EX650 can be done quite well, compared to Edge LED general.

After adjusting the picture, the image of the Sony EX650 has a soft, comfortable eyes, a little red, and a good image dimension, which is still unique to Sony, as it was. The position to get the best picture, when the audience was in line with the TV or the opposite the right –left a little. I was impressed when watching movies from the Sony EX650 is a display made ​​out well both the details and dimensions of the image. The film is the story that matters most in the dark as Harry Potter, Batman, Iron Man etc.
  • Picture from “The Adventures of TINTIN” : We noted the details of the expulsion as well and dimension of image is clearly better than other brands.
  • One Piece : This is my favorite cartoon. Freshness of color, not colorful and brightness like Korean brand. May have to adjust the "Brightness" or change the Picture Mode is “Vivid” color was added.
Game: Simply press the Option and change to the Scene Mode: Game. image is colorful, the response within the standard, no lag.

Connection port: Flash drives can support basic files such as video DivX, Mpeg or Jpeg files, photos and mp3 music files, video files, but some files do not support such as mkv, tp. External Harddisk our test on a regular basis, can not read it.
The web browser will not display type in the URL to display, when we want to change the URL.You can use the remote by pressing Option and then scroll to the bottom to the URL entry.

Sound quality: The sound of the Sony 40EX650 has a 10-watt, 2 diver, the Sound Mode have to select the multiple modes such as Standard / Dynamic / Clear Voice, and also can adjust the Surround menu too (Surround: Off, S-Force Front. Surround, Simulated Stereo).
Test of sound by open to the high volume, can not find a crack. Listen to music from the USB port is considered to be good enough. I try to adjust the Surround menu is S-Force Front Surround which is a simulated surround sound. Using only the front speakers of the Sony EX650, the audio come out to surround the audience enough (do not compare with the sound of 5.1 channel, if you listen to a concert, I recommend disabling it).

sony bravia kdl40ex650 review

Sony Entertainment Network: "entertainment services" by Sony adds new content to the Internet TV this year, and Apps to use more comfortable. Just press the button "SEN" on the remote, you will find the home of Sony Entertainment Network.
The screen is divided into 3 parts: 1) External input to get the item 2) Apps all. 3) Favorites Box to your favorite Apps.

Twin Picture: You can see the two screens together with the Sony EX650 can be adjusted to 2 with P & P (2 large screen LCD), and PIP.

Review Sony KDL-40EX650 LED HDTV images

Sony KDL-40EX650 Rating
2D Picture

Sony KDL-40EX650 is the low end Edge LED TV of the year 2012, which have different functions and connectors to complete, especially the many functions that are still available in this release, whether as a PIP (Picture in Picture) and browsing the Internet or watching TV with a Social Network. The connection also provides redundancy, not cut, such as HDMI 4 Channel, USB and AV Component are independent of each other. The last part of the Sony 40EX650 is soft image, comfortable eyes, a little red. The highlight is gradients in the dark and details as well.


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