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Sony BRAVIA KLV-40CX450 LCD TV Review.

Sony BRAVIA KLV-40CX450 LCD TV :Try it, you will be fascinated.

Sony BRAVIA KLV-40CX450 LCD TV Review
The Sony BRAVIA KLV-40CX450 is 40" LCD TV, which supports Full HD resolution for crystal clear images with Intelligent Picture PLUS with intelligent technology of Sony. The design of the 40CX450 also remain simple, not flashy, but it looks good, it is a classic. Frame that covers the screen is high-gloss, black finish provides a luxurious feel and is also compatible with the other furniture in your home easier. This version has a tube CCFL Backlight makes the rear a little thick.

When we talk about the back of the machine, we also need to compliment the design of the Sony a little because the back of the machine has been drilled or grooved for cables and connectors are arranged in an orderly manner. It also has a lot of ventilation, so cause the air temperature is not very high. Unfortunately, the stand of TV is a fix, so it can not rotate the screen.

Picture performance.
First, we have to mention the name of Sony technology, Intelligent Picture PLUS a lot of people who did not know that could be confused that this technology allows it to do. If we say it is easy to understand when the TV signal is received - the Intelligent Picuture PLUS technology to make it more colorful, more fluid itself. We will see the effects of technology "Intelligent Picture PLUS" is very good, on the image of the resolution is not very high, such as Free TV or DVD etc.

BRAVIA KLV-40CX450 is a good assistant, which helps to enhance picture quality and Intelligent Picture PLUS it also has a video mode (Picture Mode) with adjustments already, which is more convenient for users who do not have knowledge and know how to adjust the picture.

The mode with all three modes Vivid / Standard / Custom mode which will have three power consumption, and a different picture. Vivid picture mode comes out clear and brighter than the other modes. Standard mode is ideal for viewing in the daytime. And Custom mode, you can adjust the settings freely.

In addition to the Picture mode that we have mentioned above, Sony continues to work well with Scene Select. The Scene Select function, it is similar to the Picture Mode. But it has a lot more options, suitable for a specific example, if we play the game, then select "Scene Select" is Game, we will have a bright picture-the sound is very good for gaming. From our test of the Scene Auto / General / Photo / Music is not much different picture. The Other Scene, see the difference in brightness and color clearly.

Image quality, Fast & Furious 5 movies with spectacular scenery, exciting and fast panning scenes. It is another matter that the team picked to be tested often. The tests showed that the panning scenes, scenes in the dark (not yet adjusted the picture) are still details to be seen but only in the medium, which is in a very dark scene detail of the image, it will drop down. The colors are well done whether watching movies or animation from the Toy Story 3. It's a little disappointing 40CX450 is a perspective view of the rather limited. We therefore suggest that the viewing is best in the middle and the distance of the viewing that is about 2 meters.

BRAVIA 40CX450’s picture, while when playing games with a PS3. We find that the colors of the images are very bright (we recommend adjust the scene mode to “Game” as well) and have seen the "Ghost" somewhat when connected to local TV channel, find it quite rough. But with technology "Intelligent Picutre Plus" makes it look good to a certain level. But not very much.

"Mellow, deep" This is the definition that we provided the voice of our hero today. Now with Driver 8 +8 watts, plus surround sound mode is only four Cinema / Game / Music / Sports. The surround sound will change to "Scene” by the user is automatically selected such as if we choose to Scene of the TV as “Cinema”, surround sound will change automatically to Cinema.

There are also three types of common mode noise Dynamic / Standard / Clear Voice sound from the 40CX450 will not have much volume but it can control the tone and provide clear details, personally considered very satisfied with this TV.

Playing media files through external Flash Drive or External HDD as well to a certain extent. It can play the files as AVI, WMV, MKV. But 40CX450 does not play audio AC3.

The conclusion.
  • The picture is sharp and good quality, which is not adjustable (The factory setup is very good).
  • Simplicity in design, but it luxury, all the connections to be calculated for the convenient use.
  • There are many Picture mode and Sound mode to choose.
  • You can listen to FM Radio.
  • Not support audio AC3.
  • Side view is not good (View angle is too narrow).
  • Cannot rotate left - right.
Sony BRAVIA 40CX450 considered "LCD TV the model is very attractive now; 40-inch display plus with Full HD resolution for crystal-clear image and many Picture Mode and sound mode to use, select it, and choose to play, it is important in a price range that everyone can owns (Cheaper than some other phones), combined with the image enhancement technology, the Intelligent Picture PLUS also has a power saving feature and also still listen to the radio. It was awesome TV!
If you are looking for a TV with Full HD resolution at less than $650, Sony BRAVIA KLV-40CX450 is a very attractive option.



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