Friday, 18 February 2011

Sony KDL-NX810 3D LED TV Calibration and Picture Setting.

Sony KDL-NX810 3D calibration

Sony KDL-NX810 3D LED TV Calibration and Picture Setup.

I have said in my review that Sony KDL-NX810 3D is the best Hi-end TV for home theater. It has not been mentioned previously exaggerating. Because you do not need to setting anything at all, it is designed to work well. There is a lot to menu to adjust for choosing for user. Using the standard setting from the manufacturer is the best choice. But if you want to customize something better, we have examples for you to customize the test to apply.

Sony NX810 3D Calibrated.

Picture Mode Custom
Picture 95
Motionflow Off
CineMotion Off
Local Dimming Off
Advance Contrast Enhancer Off
Live Colour Off

Pc Connect setting screen ==> Scene Select ==>Graphics

2D Convert 3D ==>3D meun==>3D format==> Simulate 3D

Video mode==> I recommended choosing “Standard”


Anonymous said...

i would disagree with you my friend i have had this model and also bought a samsung led and side by side i would say the samsung has a better picture and sound quality

Wrist man said...

Hi Friend,
Now, I can not say that Sony NX810 is the best. because technology has made ​​significant progress.
For example, if a comparison between the KDL-EX720 with the NX810, you will see that the EX720 is better. However, because Sony has developed a drawback of NX810 to be better. So it's not surprising that you would think as It's not as good as you think.

home theater installation said...

Sony NX810 is great. Good sound but more important great picture quality , it compliments the home theater very well.

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