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Sony KDL-NX810 3D LED TV Review.

Sony BRAVIA KDL-NX810 3D LED TV is the best hi-end television from Sony.

sony_bravia_NX810 review

Sony KDL-NX810 series.
Special price


Although, we intend to review too late because Sony has launched a KDL-NX810 LEDTV version of this last month Nov 2010. But it's not too late to decide to buy the KDL-NX810 TV version. Let’s see why we choose to have this TV version is a high-class TV for home theater.

The Sony KDL-NX810 series have three models:(in my review is KDL-55NX810)
Sony Bravia KDL-46NX810: 46-inch = estimate price $3,000.
Sony Bravia KDL-55NX810: 55-inch = estimate price $3,700
Sony Bravia KDL-60NX810: 60-inch = estimate price $4,700

Design: The Sony KDL-55NX810 had shaped glass slim sheets large black with a slim stand or you can place it on a bar stand(Can be tilted to back up to 6 degrees). Sony logo on the middle screen and glows when turned on.

Sony KDL-55NX810 review..

Otherwise the buttons on the back. Cut off switch with Stand By.

Sony KDL-NX810 review.

The Sony KDL-55NX810 had limited input port that is 4 HDMI, 1 Component, 1 Composite, 1 VGA, 2 Analog Audio/in, 1 Digital Audio/out, 1 USB, and support DLNA, Wifi. oh, sorry no have S-Video port and Memory Card.


Black Level : Good black level.
Brightness : Not good enough,This lower brightness can lead to reduced details in the high end and exacerbates the effect of external light shining on the screen.
Backlight : The Sony KDL-55NX810 had three LED Dynamic Control setup :
  •  Off - Still moderate light.
  •  Standard - Dark background better, do better lighting control.
  •  Low - Acceptable. I recommend that should select Off.

2D Picture : Great picture quality, deep black level and nice refresh rate. Overall, very impressed.

3D Picture : Great dimensional image and good reduction in Crosstalk . The animation is good. more option Effects 3D dimensional and more flexible adjust function as a 2D conversion 3D. Another factor one, I believe that part of the 3D images can be shown that it better is “OptiContrast Panel “can reduces glare. And including the Black level, it was a great help to promote even deeper dimension to the other. But we don’t like just one that  it gets pushed a bit to the right for your left eye and a bit to the left for your right eye. As the TV flickers between images, the middle of the object will stay more or less the same. The edges, however, will alternate rapidly between the dark object and the lighter background. The problem arises because the TV can't switch between such extreme colors rapidly, leading to the left eye's image altering the right eye's image and vice versa.The second problem is there seems to be a noticeable strobe effect from the glasses. We noticed it even when we weren't looking at the TV. We saw this effect in other TVs too, but not this noticeably.
Viewing Angle : Have a narrow viewing so you will have to sit in front of the screen to reduce glare.

Internet Features : The Sony KDL-55NX801 can support Sony’s line-up of online content, which is so far than the interface content from Samsung and Panasonic offering. Of course, it must be different from Sony NSX-GT1 Google Internet TV.

Overall, we very impressed with the Sony KDL-55NX810 that had good design(can be eye spell your guest at all), great black level, best convert 2D to 3D systems. There may be disadvantages on 3D glasses but does not matter because of good overall excellence. If you are not a very fussy person, The Sony KDL-55NX810 is the another choice to allow you to meet new experiences that you will be impressed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this really in-depth information. I've been looking for a new HDTV for quite some time, but the market has exploded since my last purchase a few years back and it was a little intimidating. As a DISH customer and employee I have the very best HD programming and service available, so I want to make sure I get a TV that will take best advantage o fit. Thanks to your reviews I believe I've found the one!

Wrist man said...

Your opinion. Encouraged me to do the following Web site and find good information useful to the public. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Purchased a KDLNX810 55inch and not happy. The picture is not clear on either free to air or Paytv. very disappointed so much we are about to return this TV and swap for a 46 inch. We have a 40 inch as well and it leave the 55 inch for dead. I would not recommend this TV

Wrist man said...

...This may be a disadvantage. I have to thank for the answer 3 to talk about disadvantages of this television has led to all the people know.

...Sony has been trying to fix the deficiencies in the TV version concluded that HX800 and well presented and good works in the NX810.

I do not expect you to buy this 810 TV. I just simply provides that "how good. And what is not good.

...So NX810 defective screen is too reflective if you put it in the living room is very light. It makes the picture that look bad. And

Viewing Angle : Have a narrow viewing so you will have to sit in front of the screen to reduce glare.

NX 810, it is just limited to this, and overall performance is satisfactory. It is awarded to the best TV of 2010

john said...

i really appreciate your deep analysis on 3D tv. Great work that's what i can say.


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john said...

i really appreciate your deep analysis on 3D tv. Great work that's what i can say.

tv reviews

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