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Review;Sony 46HX925 3D Full LED The new definition of entertainment.

When talking about "design" brand, Sony is not the second to none.By the year 2011 Sony continues to repeat the success with the design “Monolithic Design” and technology, "Intelligent Peak LED" (Full LED TV) with functions for 3D Active Shutter Glasses for reducing the image flickering equivalent of Cinema 3D from competing brands.
Sony HX925 model for the size 46 "to the test yet again 2 sizes larger than the 55"and 65 ".I started testing it in both design and function of various to tested a lot. That really excited for me.
Sony KDL-46HX925_SONY lcd hdtv review
Sony KDL 46HX925 Design.
Starting with "design" of the Sony HX925 is "Monolithic Design" that I must say, "Very handsome". A single sheet of glass screens CORNING's Gorilla Glass Panel, the beautiful and elegant, Impact protection as well. Deep Black screen, I can not see the edges of the TV screen. The fit is quite slim at 38 mm. Unfortunately, that is not Bar Stand place this test.
backside has ventilated and the middle has Subwoofer. When turned on, the indicators are displayed with 3D Transmitter. It's a new Active Shutter Glasses and free 2 Piece.Remotely similar to other models. For ease of use, not to be confused, able to glow for use in the dark.

   Sony_46HX925 remote sony lcd hdtv review

Sony 46HX925 Picture Test.
For spec of "Sony 46HX925" Full HD 2 million pixels screen, resolution of 1920 x 1080 LED Backlight Intelligent Peak LED or Full LED chip with a new X-Reality Pro to increase picture sharpness. Support 3D Content for all forms and functions to convert 2D into 3D.

For an animation function makes the animation smoother by “MotionFlow XR800”. Also, the screen is OptiContrast CORNING's and Gorilla Glass Panel and help the black and light control.

Aspect Ratio:: Wide Mode. Sony HX925 is the proportion of images to choose from five types; Wide Zoom / Normal / Full / Zoom / Caption. If you want the TV to display every pixel to choose "Full" also known as the Just Scan. In others, they will have some pictures to Crop.

Picture Mode.For Picture mode have 3 menu  are available in Standard / Vivid / Custom. Most of them will choose to view images in Standard mode, which is a neutral color, not dark, good!

Scene Mode.Scene mode in which only one ready to Sony. This would be consistent the picture and sound according to the picture mode that you select such as Sports mode will give better color and sound will resonate like sitting in the stadium. This mode is easy to use. You can choose from the buttons on the remote immediately.

MotionFlow. Sony 46HX925 with MotionFlow XR 800Hz enable smoother motion, reduce image blur and overlap. Available in four levels, Smooth / Standard / Clear / Clear Plus. But if high levels (Clear / Clear Plus) motion images can misleading when viewing a long time. May be confused a head. advisable to open the "Standard" only.

3D Picture and 2D-3D testing. Sony 46HX925 can play a full 3D on 3 feature; 1) Framepack 2) Side by Side 3) Top bottom. The function Simulated 3D or 2D into 3D will be able to play all the signals.

  • Framepack highlight is "not blinking".Good color vision but have problems about Crosstalk when looking away from the center.
  • Side by Side Dimensional image, like in real 3D.
  • Top-Bottom Sony using Over-Under, it is unique style .. good look.
Simulated 3D or convert a regular 2D image into a 3D. we tested on the Batman movie as 2D. Just press the Option key on the remote control and select the 3D format is the"Simulated 3D". It will convert 2D images into 3D images. Dimensional images, which really will be about 30% -40% of true 3DD images. We can adjust. "The dimension of the 3D model" (Simulated 3D Effect) as well. If adjustments a very high level, the picture is even more the dimension increases. But we recommended level is Medium.
Finally, Hidef 2D. We must said that Sony HX925 present the image dimensions, natural colors, the image depth by OptiContrast screen, great depth dimensions of the image  and Black control over their competitor. beautiful pictures!

Sony 65HX925 - sony lcd hdtv review

Sony HX925 Function.
  • BRAVIA Internet Video: You can view the video clip from the well-known video clip website such as YouTube, Nation Channel and others. We can connect to the Internet, either wired or wireless LAN and WIFI.
  • BRAVIA Internet Widgets: fully support the Social Network, Facebook, Twitter and Skype as well.
  • PIP: Function Picture in Picture. Another feature that Sony has not abandoned it. And select the audio channels anywhere.
  • Ambient Sensor: Intelligent sensor adjusts the brightness of the TV to match the brightness of the room.
  • Good Design, The Monolithic Design look alike iPhone screen. Great!
  • OptiContrast screen and CORNING's Gorilla Glass Panel light control as well.
  • The image does not flicker. Although, it is a 3D Active. Superior than other brands.
  • Superb 2D quality picture.
  • Built-in WiFi.
  • Best quality sound.
  • Local Dimming is also 4 square block or big 4 square block.
  • USB do not support External HDD.
  • have Crosstalk when looking away from the center.
I have to say that Sony 46HX925 very handsome.It impressed me a lot. For 3D, even the Sony 46HX925 is a 3D Active but it can eliminate the distracting flashes of images very well. 2Dimages of the Sony 46HX925 as well as natural colors, good black control and the picture is very dimensional. There may be some glare because the screen is glass. If your room can control the light, We recommend that the Sony 46HX925 is the best TVs.


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