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Sony 32EX520 LED TV Review.

Another elegant design: Sony 32EX520 LED TV Review.

If talking about the TV that has a lot of people do today. It is inevitable LED TV. Since the mid-price level or slightly higher than the LCD TV.But still not expensive as 3D TV. Today we catch one of the favorite brands like Sony to review for you. This is a "hit" sell like hot cakes are selling well in both value and tangible; the  EX520 on 32 ".
Sony 32EX520 led- sony lcd hdtv review.

Sony 32EX520 Design.

The first thing to mention is the design of the EX520. In 2011, Sony is also important to design a simple and allows customers to believe that is something like the slogan “Make.Believe”. For example, the EX520 was a slim, elegant, Glossy Black and the lower edge, with dark gray trim may look similar to the CX520.
The EX520's remote is a replica of the original model.But it's also easy to use and is a great hand comfortably. Stand Back onto the TV fix with 3 bolts and add strength with a knot at the top. Classified as very strong!.
Concluded that the design of the Sony EX520, it still retains its original identity. I believe it is "desirable" customers who love the Sony brand of course. Its outstanding beauty, with the added luxury and  thinness LED TV.

Kdl32ex520-bravia-led-sony lcd hdtv review

Sony EX520 Picture.

the most important part of the TV, then there is the "Picture". The Sony is still using the X-Reality chip same as LCD Sony CX520. The chip also been highlights featured of the Sony TV's all.  Capable of it. I will explain to understand the "basic". It is a adjust the picture to more beautiful, Noise reduction as well as all kinds, whether in a movie scene at night, and lighting, when played old files from VCD DVD player with a not good deal Noise. The chip will be adjust better "than ever before." It is developed on top of the Bravia Engine3 a good result to be very satisfactory.
Scene Mode.
Scene modes that adjust the audio to match the type of picture that we are watching. You can press the remote controller directly. Mode is very convenient such as Game mode will be added to make up the volume and the brightness while watching as well. In Cinema mode, it is the software down to your eyes for  the long view, it will not pain the eyes.
  • Auto - Automatically adjust the mode to match with the file that we are watching.
  • General - Closing Scene modes and used picture adjustments usually in Option> Picture.
  • Cinema - adjust audio and video into a movie.
  • Sports - adjust video and audio to the sports.
  • Music - to adjust the sound to the music or concerts.
  • Animation - adjusts the image to watch the cartoon or the animation.
  • Photo - for viewing photos and use the Slide Show Resolution to 1080i / p 50/60Hz only.
  • Game - adjust audio and video to playing games.
  • Graphics - adjusts the image to the use of the Computer or Notebook to display on a TV screen.
Wide Mode.
For Sony EX520 is also used to adjust the picture mode as well as LED and LCD models. Work is similar, as the CX520 LCD.
  • Full - the full screen or portion of the "Just Scan" is displayed Pixel per pixel. If a file has resolution of 1920 x 1080 will display a 1: 1 pixel .
  • Normal - the normal picture. The image is not stretched out on the side. Suitable for watching TV, or a file size of 4: 3.
  • Zoom - to zoom into a cutting edge on the bottom edge a little.
  • Caption - to zoom it to affect the fewest subtitles.
  • Wide Zoom - to zoom to wide angle, using a ratio of 16: 9.
Test: Content  in the moon's light of Pioneer about Backlight control. By default, Edge LED no have Local Dimming function in the light room. It is obvious that for the Sony EX520 in good, if you seen middle screen it is fairly black level and can not see the Backlight. However, if seen from the side, it might be to some. It is normal.

Watching Free TV.
In terms of watching free TV of cable TV. The contrast remained strong. Details of the photo is full displayed. The obvious advantage is the reduction Noise of X-Reality chip of the test by adjusting the Noise Reduction function to every “High”. Compared between before and after the adjustment. Sharpness of the picture missing along the edge of a small object is observed, it is not an issue to exchange for the Noise is gone. Better contrast than LCD's Sony BX320 or CX520.

Connect your computer to display.
To test the computer to display on a TV screen.
First, Adjust the Wide Mode to “Full” The image is still cut off top and bottom edges slightly. recommended adjustment “Display Area” at +1 to display full screen.(Adjustable menu Home> Screen and Display Area.)

Sound system that came with the Sony EX520 is a fine adjustment, can adjust the Treble, Bass, Balance, including systems that provide a Stereo or Surround S-Force Quality, it is okay for general use in the home. In short, if you like the sound that is quite wide and has a dimension to enable S-Force Front Surround 3D. But personally, I like the sound of the traditional in the Original. It provides comfort and slip the ears and suitable for watching movies long time. ( Select to adjust the TV sound through the built-in “Audio System”.
For the other speakers home Theatre System or a separate amp).
  • Standard mode, the Treble and Bass to +6.
  • Dynamic mode, Bass and Treble to be as high as +10,is perfect for watching Action movies and want to sound dramatic impact.
  • Clear Voice mode to adjust the voice conversation to clear up.

Sony Internet TV Content.
Sony is known for "Internet TV" to connect the two is done via LAN cable to the back of the unit or use a USB Wi-Fi (optional) to the receiver. The team can use the LAN cable into the back, it can be connected immediately. The content that people attention, it would be the Social Network, Youtube or BBTV, or even the Web Browser can be done.
The keyboard. Applications are not very complicated. Similar to the mobile. For example, need type B, press 2 twice.

Web Browser.
The test of the team, EX520 can access to various sites as well. The speed of loading web pages, depending on the speed of your Internet-enabled. It may require familiarity with the remote to type for people who are not proficient. And when clicking on the menus of the page. Press the arrow keys to scroll down to it, may take time a little bit if it's a description of a lot of data.
  • Music Search to find details of the music from the Internet.
  • Video Search Search for a film that includes the length of the story of an actor.
  • Social Network is a Twitter Widget can check with watching the TV.
Presense Sensor
The Mode are the highlights of the Sony which is other can not, is the motion sensor of the user. If we are not on the TV screen. The motion sensor is not within the specified time. It will shut down the screen. (But also a sound that is). help to saving energy. though, LED TV uses less energy already.

Light Sensor.
Light Sensor  is very convenient function. Because the TV will adjust the screen brightness to match ambient light in the room. For example, If we set the TV in the living room a lot during the day light. We need higher Backlight. In order to see clearly without being reflected ambient light. But at night, where we adjust the Backlight to be greater. We will get eye pain. This function will adjust to the light by which we choose to be On / off.

PIP & Twin Picture.
PIP or Picture in Picture for many people are familiar with this word a bit. For the difference between the PIP and Twin Picture. PIP is a large picture display and has a small pic stacked in the corner. Twin Picture is two pictures do not overlap, Can be adjusted to the left or right and adjust the size of each image. Great!


Summary of the advantages of Sony 32EX520.
  1. good-looking designs, LED is a "thin".
  2. more save energy, Presense Sensor and Light Sensor, as well as executive power does not go waste.
  3. Processor X-Reality to adjust for the better, such as Noise Reduction, the better fresh, vibrant images than ever before.
  4. A lot of Function of the Internet to use , as well as a Web Browser.
The downside of the Sony 32EX520.
  1. Lacking the Motion Flow 100Hz to enhance the flow of time, watching the scene with the camera panning over.
  2. Functions in a variety of Internet applications. It requires familiarity and the Local Content as well not have it.
  3. Speakers, If the noise is very loud, the speakers will shake a little. It is normal that some of the LED display.
Overall, Sony 32EX520 is another option to keep an eye on, If you are looking for affordable LED TV with the clarity and detail of the image in the LCD TV is better than the standard range,  with the panel itself. The chip X-Reality, a 32-inch TV, elegant design set in the living room, it looks good or use it to focus support to a variety of formats and functions use a wide range of Internet options. Web browser can access. Of course, I think 32EX520 to a "full-on".


sarwan said...

I planned to buy this ? is it ok or can i move to Samsung UA32D5000PRMXL...

Wrist man said...

um, I don't know how much samsung UA32D5000PRMXL. If its have same price I think sony may by good one because it is a internet tv that can provide everything you want online.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wristman, great review! Just wanted to let you know I bought this Sony based on your review, and I love it! I’ve wanted a fourth HDTV ever since I got the Hopper through my job as a Dish employee beta-tester, and I couldn’t be happier with this TV! The Hopper runs all four of my HDTVs at once, but this is my favorite. The image is absolutely sharp and clear, such that I’ve never seen the equal to. I love it, and thanks again!

Wrist man said...

I am very pleased that you satisfied with the quality of EX520, I was impressed with it as well. I'd like to see Blu- ray that connected via HDMI from my computer, picture quality is superb. Enjoy with the Euro 2012 of your new TV.

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