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Review: Sony KLV- 32EX310 LED TV small TV but not small Picture Quality.

Review New Sony KLV-32EX310 LED TV.

Sony KLV--32EX310 LED TV Review

After VIDEOPHILE LCDTV AWARDS announced it was believed that many of you would be in a "TV" a new suit, "Nice place," "lifestyle", and "cost". Today this new generation of Sony's best selling model that is 32EX310 LED TV 32 "Screen Resolution HD Ready 1366 x 768. It has a little more exciting because of a Backlight LED lamp is often used with a TV with a resolution "Full HD" only. Sony was the pilot in the market for start-up LED / LCD TV on a budget. If you are looking for small LED TV, low cost, but the finer features to be stuffed full of bags.With all respect you do not miss this!

Sony KLV-32EX310 LED HDTV Review
 Sony KLV22EX310 LED TV review.
Sony's stylish design in the last year and this year will not hold a similar, Entry to the new version the Mid End will hit Black, Glossy Black tone and may have a gray or black bars like aluminum to the bottom. This year, the EX310 can not escape the concept was not much. It has a "thinner" than the older models are fairly This makes it more beautiful. In order to provide a "consistent" with the LED TV's are already so slim look "well"!. The design issues were considered "Pretty flat" on Black, Glossy Black, as well as the frame of the TV and the stand.
Swivel stand can be adjusted to meet the standards. Remarkable that some of the EX310 is thinner than an LCD TV quality on par with BX320.

I like some features. Although a smaller version. It does not mean the images are small features.The series of it. From the resolution screen with HD Ready 1366 x 768 come with BRAVIA Engine 3 processor chips plus a claim for up to 100,000:1 contrast and viewing angle of 178 degrees both vertically and horizontally.
Picture Mode: Scene.
Sony would have many picture mode to selection such as "Matching" with content that we get on. Simply press the button on the remote control only Scene.
The "master mode" which allows to include in the Picture Mode.
    1. Vivid:: brightness and color temperature, color and tone to the "cold" (Cool).
    Introduction ==> for a room with light from an external source is interrupted. The show openedwith the mall stores.
    2. Standard:: The light and bright in the medium. Warm color temperature as "medium" (Neutral).
    Introduction ==> suitable for normal home viewing.
    3. Custom:: Soft, light and contrast the tone down a color temperature is "warm" (Warm).
    Introduction ==> a dark room for the control light. The atmosphere of the theater.
NOTE: Picture Mode and Scene Mode and can be shared. The change from one mode will affect another one.
The quality of the image.
I use a DVD Blu-ray Player Oppo BDP-95 with LCD HDMI V1.4 Reference tool in this test. Starting from Batman:: The Dark Knight, which I took a look and remember to it again.The new episode has a long name to the next syllable, that is”The Dark Knight Rises” will be released. The Contrast and overall image detail that was in better than expected. Normally, when I tested the LED or LCD TV 32 low price is often just " rough burr "and" rough ".

but the Sony 32EX310 is better than expected. The "smooth" in the shading colors blend naturally , more high neutral. If the mode Custom (in the Picture Mode) or in Cinema Mode on the Picture Mode definition is "lightly" to all. You can adjust Sharpness level up to +10 in the experience of watching a lot more. Without loss of tone to the cinema much.

The colorful of characters like Harvey Dent's face, it looks natural. Sharpness and detail remained moderate. It is not seen more skin moles, liver spots and freckles.
I change to watch a favorite movie Blu-ray movie “the James Bonds 007:: Casino Royale”, which has been recognized as one of the best picture in terms of concentration of the scene of action is not put a sloppy, boring, and a touching drama.

Face of the James Bonds (Daniel Craig) in Standard mode, the bright and bold in the good, not keen eye, dimensional images are strong enough, not floating like a cube in 3D. Because there was no Motion Flow to help, but it did not go quite flat. The ability to display black and dark shading (Shadow Detail) do much better than expected.

Normally, this price class, I found "a black sink,". the 32EX310 did not show signs of sinking the black to our team see clearly at all. The dimensional images of nature (no dummy) is expressed as the expected outstanding!
Advanced Contrast Enhancer improves image detail in the dark.
Panel of the test, then have a good quality, not black and sank. It is recommended to close or Low enough.
Live Color adds a fresh experience to color's overall image. Personally, it does not work.
If you use them, the BX320 or BX300 fully open level, because the Panel are relatively tepid.

Free TV Test.
The test was "fixed" by the reception of DTV-Analog Output, and the AV cable, yellow, white, red, and I sat watching from a distance of approximately 1.5 to 2 meters. I agree that "satisfied" in picture quality. I must give credit to an HD Ready 1366x768 screen resolution, it makes little difference. The contrast is excellent. And even the small screen again, so can not sue a rough model of the source Standard Definition. If a big screen TV, it will come out quite clearly against it.

The Sony 32EX310 has a smart sensor, called "Intelligent Picture Plus" which will allow us to "strength" of the signals from sources such as Analog Terminal AV cable or RF. The full DTV that  I push the full tube. The power tubes are shown as "green" which means a very strong signal. The antennae on the pole shrimp or a traditional antenna. The my neighborhood was quite stuffy signal. The lamp  power tubes to show a very low signal strength is displayed as a "red".

And finally, we can choose the mode “Picture Optimisation” to customization balance picture "High definition" (Crisp), and "comfort level" (Smooth) of Analog signal source to display a home as well. If you like " hi-def quality" would move to the left (Crisp), the image is sharper and more hi-def. If so, it will display the Noise and rough, or if you like "soft" would be to the right (Smooth) it.

The quality of the picture. I consent to Sony 32EX310 better than expected. Detail and clarity in the criteria for moderate to very good is better than BX320 LCD TV and BX300 years ago. But EX310 not butter to the degree LED TV version of EX520, a screen resolution of Full HD. Features of fine mode images were made ​​in the Picture Mode and Scene it very suitable for"Rookie" Plus, there are features Live Color / Adv Contrast Enhancer / Clear White to enhance the image in order to it. It is quite impressive in their "courageous" of Sony's investment in order for them to come to this!

Sound system.
Sony 32EX310 the speaker sound system with 8 Watts + 8 Watts RMS of speaker placement will be "Shot Down Sound", with sound mode and ready to come.
    1. Dynamic:: The increased dynamic range, high volume and low noise. For your viewing pleasure.
    Introduction ==> a movie game.
    2. Standard:: high, medium, low volume to maintain a relatively constant level.
    Introduction ==> Use a regular TV.
    3. Clear Voice:: The elevation of "sound" a voice "conversations" to be clearer.
    Introduction ==> Use a watch sitcoms or news item.
The Surround sound mode as well so it has come to include a Cinema / Music / Sports / Game, which will automatically detect the sound mode with Scene modes are selected. That is, if we choose a Scene mode that automatically adjusts the TV to Cinema mode and Cinema as a pair as well (Scene mode automatically adjusts both audio and video).

The sound quality of the sample, it does not make a lot of criticism. Watching TV are generally clear and comfortable listening ear.But because the speakers are small and compact unit is just 32 "making it physically will not provide a" sound stage ", so it would not open. (Tested in Standard Mode, which is the standard mode).

As if you live in a small room with a wall surrounding the Surround mode to help you make action movies that often hit the loud bang that sound even more to watch the video and audio experience will be enhanced accordingly. Are not limited to sound, "the drowning" in front of the TV alone!

FM Radio
Simply connect the antenna to the RF.Then just press the "Home" by remote control. Then select the "FM Radio" is a radio station you want and various stations set up with a name at all. The sound quality, it depends on how much space we have input. If you open the cover, no tall buildings or obstacles, it is considered that much better.

USB slot to play Multimedia.
Sony's USB port supports External HDD and USB Flash Drive to play multimedia files such as images, music or videos such as family mkv, avi and Divx video, you can play normally. The static image is a jpeg. Finally,I have mp3 music here.

PIP & Twin Picture.
PIP = Picture In Picture and Twin Picture = two imaging systems along with a feature Sony's small size, this is a long time. While other brands as I checked it was called off this feature to leave out. The visual display of the PIP and Twin Picture, then we can choose a "screen" output from the HDMI and the "small screen" display of the AV and RF.

Light Sensor.
The sensor has detected the light in our room and go up or down to adjust the TV brightness to suit room conditions such as The room is dark and the TV will automatically dim the brightness. The optimal level of light in the eye, not too bright. We can choose to activate them in Light Sensor on Eco Mode.

Power Saving.
In Eco mode, as well as Light Sensor. It works differently in that it is the Light Sensor automatically detects, The Power Saving is you have to press the remote to adjust by yourself. There are 4 models to choose from Off / Low / High / Screen Off. If you choose Low or High Level it will reduce the brightness level down respectively. We recommend that you use when in a dark room or bedroom. In addition to helping your eyes. It also saves energy costs. the ‘‘Screen Off’’ is off picture and the sound alone. It is perfect for my mom "to iron" and then "listen news" to the same time.

  1. even with the screen resolution is HD Ready. But was strong in both HD and SD, not sink black like a saving LED TV version of the third party.
  2. The basic features such as Scene are easy to use for beginners.
  3. A minor features but useful such as FM radio / PIP / power saving mode.
  1. When you switch Input, It’s may be Detect signal and delayed a little display.
  2. Connector to the somewhat limited.
Sony KLV-32EX310 is a small LED TV with built-in high-value one another. The quality of picture and sound quality are standards. The features that are required to complete. The design is compact, sleek, no space. I can answer that 32EX310 well with customers who want a small TV, Limited budget and is not necessary to play the function of the Internet.(If the Internet TV player to jump play 32CX520 or EX520 instead.) Sony 32EX310 Perhaps it may seem small in both size and model in the eyes of others. In fact, it is great and very worthwhile in itself. If we choose to use it properly with us.
Sony 32EX310


Anonymous said...

I’ve always been partial to Sony products. I have a Bravia at home, a PS3, and a few other various pieces of Sony electronics and can’t remember ever having a problem with any of them. So naturally, when I started looking for a new HD set as a Christmas gift for my parents, Sony was among the first brands to look into. These reviews are certainly helpful, and appreciated, because it addresses several of my concerns. Audio quality will be important for them, since they won’t be likely to hook up a surround sound system or anything. And picture quality is really important too. In fact, the main reason I’m getting them a new set is because I finally coaxed them into upgrading their DISH Network equipment to high definition (they are not early adopters of technology). It took a lot of effort to get them to make the jump. It was kind of a combination of me working for DISH and explaining the benefits of HD and DISH offering the HD free for life promotion. But now I want them to have a TV that’s capable of making the most out of the huge selection of channels they have.

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