Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review: Sony Bravia XBR-46HX929 Internet TV, The best of the best LED 3D TV.

Sony Bravia XBR-46HX929 3D LED TV Review.


If you are looking for the best TV of the Year. You'll find that Sony's TVs are usually occupied a rank 1 of almost every site and country such as Sony HX925 or Sony HX929.
If you want to know details about the Sony HX925, you can find it here. And today we are talking about Sony Bravia XBR-Hx929 which is Sony announced"The Best of the Best". This announcement was made we are interested that Sony would improve the technology better. How performance will be better or no different from the original? You would want to know  like us. So keep track of our review.

Sony-BRAVIA-HX929 3D LED TV Review   Sony-Bravia-XBR-46HX929-3D LED TV review

Sony XBR-HX929 Design.
Sony Bravia XBR-HX929 have 3 models in series: Sony XBR-46HX929(reviewed), Sony XBR-55HX929 and Sony XBR-65HX929. Comparison between the HX925 and HX929 design is no different. "Monolithic Design" is a concept design from Sony which is you will not be disappointed, You can be assured that it will mix and match in  the bedroom, living room or your home theater. Gorilla Glass is strong and lightweight display similarly, with no frame. This is a real Sleek design that we’ve impressed.

Sony XBR-HX929 Picture Test.
Imaging performance from spec, Sony HX929 have 2 Motion option; CineMotion and Motionflow XR 960 this option can step up refresh rates to 960Hz![HX 925 has 800 Hz]There are so many functions. We're not sure that we can use it all the functions or not.

Picture mode.
Sony HX929 have many picture mode to choose to use such as Picture Mode : Vivid, Standard, Photo-Vivid, Photo-Standard, Photo-Original, Photo-Custom, Cinema, Game-Standard, Game-Original, Graphics, Sports, Animation. If you do not like adjust anything. We recommend that you choose”Standard”
The full-array local-dimming LED or Sony call that “Intelligent Peak LED” technology can be controlled the light as a group was excellent and Opti-Contrast can increases brightness and minimizes unwanted light reflections.
We have been impressed in MotionFlow XR 800Hz of Sony HX925, but Sony HX929 have 900Hz which still have four mode, Smooth/ Standard/ Clear/ Clear Plus. Sony HX929 has 16:9 aspect ratio, refresh rate of 240 Hz, Full HD 1080p display. However, a basic refresh rate 240 Hz is good anyway when we test the performance of MotionFlow XR 960 by viewing “Avatar” blu-ray. from tested, we are impressed with detailed aspects, refresh perfectly. And to not cause dizziness or vomiting, you should to choose”Standard” (Depending on personal preference).
3D Picture and 2D-3D testing.
The Sony Bravia XBR-46HX929 uses active shutter 3D glasses to display full HD 3D images that have been developed from years ago to help "reduce flicker" of the glasses butter. We have noticed that Sony has improved 3D better than HX925 because we saw very little crosstalk. overall 3D test, the quality is very good that we are not surprised because the HX925 has done it well.
**We agree with all Web sites that contain surprises about Sony does not include any glasses in the box, even though the TV costs over $2000. While other TV brands deliver it to us already.**

2D testing: Sure, it is perfect quality. The X-Reality Pro technology which improves picture detail pixel-by-pixel when you watch low resolution video or movies that delivers sharpened images and amazing contrast detail too.

  • good frameless design.
  • Built-in 3D sync transmitter and 3D Active glasses
  • great deep black and shadows detail.
  • strong refresh rate of 240 Hz.
  • little crosstalk.
  • Good PC input resolution (VGA)
  • perfect quality 2D and 3D picture.
  • Best surround sound.
  • Slow web browser.
  • You puzzling and confusing to use menu.Unfortunately for some people who do not like reading manuals.
  • Expensive and without glasses.
  • Poor viewing angle.
We would not be exaggerating that the Sony Bravia XBR-HX929 actually the best of the best LED 3D TV in 2011 [Previously, we thought the HX-925 would be the best]. We recognize that we are impressed with Sony's improved a lot. 3D image is noticeable that less crosstalk, great blacks and shadows detail, natural colors. Although, sometimes you may feel annoyed with the backlight in bottom corners or slow web browser. The advantages and disadvantages of these, you will need to decide what is acceptable or not.

The Sony Bravia XBR-HX929 has a very hi-performance and has been compared to a plasma TV. Someone say that the HX929 has refresh rate better than plasma but some people disagree with this opinion. For us, we think that there's nothing better or worse. It all depends on personal preference and decide to spend your money.


Damon said...

I have the 55 inch version of this Sony Bravia. This is one of the best TVs I’ve ever owned. The colors are crisp and bright. A few months ago, my parents were helping me set up my new TV, and they were amazed at how clear the picture looked once we finished it. I let my parents have my previous HDTV since their old one sounded as if it was going to blow up. I have free HD through DISH where I work, and I was able to get my parents to add the HD channels to their account as well since they have an HDTV now. My mom called me a few das later to tell me that her shows look great. I love my HD channels, and I’m sure she loves them just as much. I know I’m ready for football season.

Wrist man said...

Hi Damon
Thanks for your commented, I'm excited that you have happy on your HDTV. Your Sony 55 inch, it is almost as top of XBR-HX929 so it is provide hi quality specific HD picture. I think that the forthcoming Euro 2012, you will be most happy to cheer your favorite team.

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Jerry Gene said...

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