Saturday, 23 October 2010

The best picture and calibration setting sony EX700 LCD HDTVs.

This is the best picture and calibration setting on the Sony KDL EX700 series includes : KDL-32 EX700, KDL-40 EX700, KDL-46EX700, KDL-52EX700 and KDL-60EX700.

1.Calibration Setting.

Setting                      Default             Calibrated

Picture Mode                       Custom

Backlight                      5                      10

Picture                      100(Max)              97

Motionflow                 Standard              Off

CineMotion                Auto 1                  Off

Ambient Sensor          On                      Off

Color Temp                Warm 2              Warm 2



2. Video Processing

The Sony KDL-EX700 series has various video processing functions that can be accessed through the menu. Most of them are not much, but Motionflow setting can take to strange look video, if you turn it up the too high.

Video Setting   Verify from Sony         Our Test
Noise Reduction Reduce repetitive random noise. On highest setting,not difference is noticeable.
MPEG Noise Reduction Reduce video compression noise. No noticeable difference.
Motionflow Refine moving images. set to ‘Standard’ : Huge blur reduction, set 24 fps look unnaturally smooth.happily you can also turn it Off.
Cinemotion Provides a more natural looking picture for film-based content. Reduces artifacting for 3:2 pulldown.

Black Corrector Enhance the black in images for stronger contrast. Makes colors look slightly burned.
Adv.Contrast Ehancer Automatically adjusts the contrast based on picture brightnees. Make lights slightly lighter and darks slightly darker.
Auto light limiter controls the backlight to reduce excessive brightness in bright scenes. Very subtle difference in whites.
Cler White Emphasizes whiteness of picture. No diffenrence.



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