Monday, 1 November 2010

Sony Bravia XBR-52HX909 3D HDTV Review.


Good : The Sony XBR-52HX909 is top line 3D TV, has great picture quality, be proper 3D performance compared to other 3D HDTVs, best deep black levels, 2D conversion system to 3D work better than expected, Various streaming video services, good looking design and energy-efficient.

Bad : more expensive, Screen has  smudges very easily and reflective, menu might not be intuitive and no paper manual,not include 3D glasses and IR synch emitter, no support yahoo widgets, or social network. Firmware fiasco for Canada ( no Netflix )

Price Range : $ 2,635.00—$ 3,599.99
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Design : The Sony XBR-52HX909 is thin, which is dominated by a single pane of glass that extends almost to the edge of the panel on all sides. The stand for the Sony XBR-52HX909 seems sturdy enough, and allows the giant screen to swivel back and forth. Remote Control is large and good designed,the buttons feel comfortable and have a snappy response. The remote can be used to control other Sony Bravia devices, but it’s not a programmable universal remote. Include port 4 HDMI, 2 component AV input, 1.5 composit AV input, LAN ethernet, optional WIFI, USB port.



Internet Applications : Sony XBR-52HX909 no support yahoo widgets, Vudu apps,Twitter, Skype, Weather, News,Sports and Stocks.if you want to check the weather on this TV, you'll either have to get your app elsewhere--Verizon's Fios service has widgets, for example--or actually tune to The Weather Channel. The Sony XBR-52HX909 still support Picasa, Shutterfly and Photobucket or nonstreaming applications.Yes, include Netflix,Amazon   Video on Demand,Youtube.

Viewing Angle : The Sony XBR-52HX909 have a mediocre pan scan, Our measured be 50 degrees (25 degrees from center on either side) before losing notable contrast.

Reflectance : The Sony XBR-52HX909 have rather reflective screen.

3D quality : all 3D picture modes local dimming, MotionFlow, and CineMotion are all disabled and impossible to adjust, while Blacklingt is pegged to Max.When we move Viewing Angle about 8 feet from the screen, the 3D effect diminished significantly, details blurred, and crosstalk increased quite a bit. The Crosstalk is 3D technology depends on the TV flickering between images intended for you left eye and images intended for your right.The 3D glasses flicker in sync with the TV, so you right eye doesn’t see the image intended for th left and vice versa. Crosstalk is when the TV can’t keep the left and right separate. The Sony XBR-52HX909 had some serious issues with crosstalk, to the point where it really break down the 3D effect. The TV really had a problem separating out dark colors. Any time a dark object was in a bright area, it would be flanked on either side by half-shadow of itself. On our test, we found almost every combination fo colors resulted in both being dramatically changed.Therefore, whenever there were high contrast edges such as a dark building against a bright blue sky- the dark figure would be flanked with faint overlapping images of itself. Overall, if there aren’t too many high contrast areas, the sony XBR-52HX909 does the 3D effect very well.

2D picture quality : The Sony XBR-52HX909 has deepest shades of back, darker than other local dimming sets. It also handled 1080p/24 well.

Black Level : The Sony XBR-52HX909 delivered quite good black level.On the other hand, blooming, where the lighter areas and darkness was encroaching on more abnormally large and unacceptable for the HX909 than on other local dimming LED.

Contrast : The Sony XBR-52HX909 has excellent contrast ratio 4447:1 that beat all the other competing TVs.Like most high-end TVs, the Sony XBR-52HX909 has a dynamic contrast feature that raises and lowers the backlight level based on the screen content.

Motion Smoothness : The XBR-52HX909 has good smooth motion,but there are some caveats.To obtain more regular performance, we have assumed a feature called Motionflow processing. the Motionflow did an awesome job of eliminating the flicker and detail shots overall.However, it has a side effect of making certain types of movies, especially movies, things went, look unusually large. We recommend that you try the function, and you learn how to enable and disable Motionflow.

Resolution Scaling : The Sony XBR-52HX909 has resolution of 1080p ( 1920x1080 ),but a lot of video you ‘ll watch is of a lower resolution.Overall, the XBR-52HX909 is good,but not great.

Overall : The Sony XBR-52HX909 is a great HDTV. good 3D performance than other 3D HDTV . support world wide video streaming , great deep black level and handle 1080p/24 video processing, good 2D conversion system to 3D. if you looking for high-end set and can spending almost $4,000 for big screen, The Sony XBR-52HX909 should be one of top spots on your wishlist.


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