Friday, 12 November 2010

How to the best picture and calibration setting for Sony NSX-GT1 Google TV Tv.1

How to the best picture and calibration setting for Sony NSX-GT1 Google TV. This setting include Sony NSX-24GT1, Sony NSX-32GT1, Sony NSX-40GT1 and Sony NSX-46GT1. Below you’ll find the best setting we found best for viewing the Sony NSX-46GT1 in a dark room. we have two setting on Picture Mode such as Cinema mode and Custom mode you can choose to the best customize  for your TV.

1. In the Picture Mode ==> on Cinema menu setting.

Setting Default Calibrated
Picture Mode Cinema Cinema
Backlight 5 10
Picture 90 77
Brightness 50 53
Color 50 50
Color Temp Warm 2 Warm 2
Sharpness 3 0
Noise Reduction Off Off
MPEG Noise Reduction Off Off
CineMotion Auto Auto
Black Corrector Off Off
Adv.Contrast Enhancer Low Low
Gamma 0 0
Live Color Off Off
Light Sensor On Off

2. In the Picture Mode ==> Custom Mode

Setting submenu Calibrated
Backlight 5
Picture 71
Brightness 57
Color 58
Hue 0
Color Temperature Warm 2
Sharpness 0
Noise Reduction Off
MPEG Noise Reduction Off
CineMotion Auto

3. Advanced setting
Black Corrector  = Off
Adv.Contrast Enhancer  = Off
Gamma  = –1
Live Color  = Off

4. Screen Adjustments submenu
Wide Mode  = Full
Auto Wide  = Off
4:3 Default  = Off [grayed out]
Display Area
Auto setting  = un-checked
Manual setting = Full pixel
Screen position  = [grayed out]
Vertical size  = [grayed out]

5. Setting==> TV setting ==> Eco menu
Power Saving  = Off
Quick Start  = Off
Idle TV Stand by  = On
Auto Shut Off  = On
Light Sensor  = Off


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