Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Best Picture and Calibration setting on Sony KDL-V5100


The Best Picture and Calibration setting your Sony KDL-V5100 include : Sony KDL-40V5100, Sony KDL-46V5100 and Sony KDL-52V5100. If you have purchased this HDTV you can pay to have someone calibrate it for you or you can use the setting that we used, which are schedule below. If you don’t see a menu items listed you can just leave it in the default mode.

1. Picture Mode
Setting Calibrated
Picture Mode Cinema
Backlight 10
Picture 75
Sharpness 0
Noise Reduction Off
Ad.Contrast Enhancer Off
Cinemotion Off
Brightness 53
Gamma Low
2. Advanced Setting menu
CineMotion  : Auto 1
Game Mode : Off
Live Color : Off
3. White Balance menu
R-Gain : –5
G-Gain : –4
B-Gain : –11
R-Bias : –5
G-Bias : 2
B-Bias : 2
4. Setup Menu
Backlight : On
PC Power Management : Off
Light Sensor : Off


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