Thursday, 11 November 2010

Sony NSX-46GT1 LCD TV Review. Tv.3

Good : New technologies LCD TV, Good quality picture, full Chrome browser support Flash and HTML 5 video, new design remote control, lots of new media ports, lots of menu options,decent resoloution scaling, decent black level, uniformly flat facade.

Bad : Mediocre contrast ratio, reflective screen, very confusing interface, terrible audio performance, lag and some bugs with current software, Google’s universal doesn’t search Netflix, antiquated Netflix interface.

Price Rang : $ 1,399.99


The Sony NSX-46GT1 have bright white plastic.uniformly smooth surface and stand on two folding metal bars but it does allow you to tilt the panel slightly back and forth.However, there's no ability to swivel the panel left and right. There are no onboard controls on the Sony NSX-46GT1, except for a power button along the bottom of the bezel. in the backside has Handy AC cable management. There are 4 HDMIs, but just one shared component  / composite AV input. There's a digital audio output, and a headphone output that can double as an analog audio output with the purchase of a cheap converter.



Remote Control.

The Sony NSX-46GT1 remote control takes a few design cues from the Sony’s game controller. It has a two-handed grip and a full qwerty keyboard. Rather than a joystick or trackpad to control the mouse, the large button on the right has an optical sensor that you glide your thumb over. In many cases we ditched the right thumbpad for the directional cursor under our left thumb, which worked fine to browse menus and jump between selections.At times confusion between the two set in, however, especially when clicking one or the other to make a selection. It didn't help that in some apps, like Netflix, the pad simply didn't work.

Sony-NSX-46GT1-remote Tv.2

Chrome Browser in Sony NSX-46GT1

Chrome browser is built-in main usability in Sony NSX-46GT1. There’s support for both HTML5 and Flash 10.2.This means that you are technically able to access almost any video source you can find anywhere. The emphasis is on "technically",is that many content providers, such as ABC, CBS and Hulu, are currently blocking Google TV devices from streaming video from their sites. however, that some content providers don't seem as vigilant with their content. Comedy Central and Cartoon Network, for example, currently aren't blocking Google TV--though that could change at any moment.

Streaming Media Support in Sony NSX-46GT1’s Chrome Browser.

Netflix = Yes USB = Photo/Music/Video
Amazon Video on Demand = Yes Vudu video = No
YouTube = Yes CinemaNow = No
Pandora = Yes Blockbuster = No
DLNA Compliant = Photos only Rhapsody = No

The Sony NSX-46GT1's "Sony Recommends" menu has all of the niche video content providers from the company's previous Bravia Internet Video Link TVs, including Sports Illustrated, the Minisode network,,,, and numerous video podcasts. Streaming video  was good quality,and as usual depended on the source. HD streams from Amazon and Netflix via Ethernet looked great, SD streams less-so, and most Internet video sites looked bad blown up on the 46-inch screen.

Content issues aside, the experience of browsing the Web on your widescreen is both impressive and frustrating. It 'frustrating when the browser feels slow,that happens sometimes when you use the flash on the site or if a pop-up fills the entire screen. It 'great when Chrome intelligently optimize the video full screen (which happens on Amazon VOD), and can now access a niche video site of your home theater. Tv.4 Tv.5


Picture quality : black levels were relatively favorable, and we saw occasional flashes in the background during transitions. Color accuracy after calibration has been a relative strength, however, and, surprisingly, the television content in 1080p/24 well. Custom picture mode was slightly more accurate than the cinema in general, with a good midrange.

Black level : Sony has poor quality in this area than others of our testing, which makes it lighter, less realistic black shadow that one of them. We also noticed unusual flashing in the shadows during transitions.


The Sony NSX-46GT1 is has a lot of great features, so many in fact that we could hardly find them amidst the cluttered menus and overloaded remote control.Overall, the Sony NSX-46GT1 is an interesting experiment in new technologies, but it feels like the product of two companies still sniffing each other out. There's a lot of promise here (certainly more so than 3D TV), but let's wait and see where Google TV goes next.


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