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Review:Sony 32BX350 LCD TV small version, best value and radio.

Beginning New LCD TV 32BX350 younger smallest and “Picture Quality” concept.

review Sony 32BX350
          In the past I had the TV review, price medium to high. Many people have complained. "There is no review of the small TV or low price” Coincided with the Sony is about to launch a new line-up 2012, have a Sony LCD TV 32BX350 younger smallest this year to our team to test. Introduction to the little known that in 2012 the direction of Sony in the TV category, they will focus on the "Picture Quality". This is the heart of almost every TV in the world, could not focus on the eye-catching 3D technology, the Smart TV.

          However, 32BX350 is “Entry Level” TV does not have in the great picture quality and advanced features. It is focused on ease of use with features to enhance usability. To make the user feel that the "value" than the TV for the same price.

Sony LCD TV 32BX350 review   Sony LCD TV 32BX350 review.1
        Design of Sony 32BX350 not different from the old version in 2010 (BX300) and 2011 (BX320), will be rectangular the black high-gloss shine that called the sleek black design is very contemporary and it may be called a classic. If we consider the overall shape of 360 degrees, then we think it is very compact. The stand of the TV is rectangular shape as well.
       The assembly is easy too, just you hold the base and the TV together and tighten the nut 3 only (I believe you-the lady can do it easily). The stand is fixed can not adjust to the left and right. Remote control is conservative design (traditional). an overview of the Sony 32BX350 designed to be simple and easy to use as possible.

        As we said above that the image quality of Sony LCD TV 32 BX350 may not have a very eccentric. It is affordable TV, which focus on the basic principles. We would like to mention a rough picture of the spec, before the chip of the BRAVIA Engine 3.

       There are some fine-tuning features ‘Live Colour’ and ‘Advanced Contrast Enhancer’ improves the quality of the image to the next level;Eco Mode (Power saving) is a power saving mode and most importantly, a ready mode and a user-friendly Scene Modes, including scene modes according to the type of channel you are viewing. It is quite suitable for the "new user LCD"is very much.

Picture Mode: Mode from the factory to have three different modes, including Vivid / Standard / Custom mode, which we used to watch the reality is that the Standard view in the daytime, this mode provide fairly bright and fresh colors. Vivid mode, the mode is very bright color. It is appropriate to use the show to sell more to watch at home; White is neutral; it is not warm, not cold. Suitable for watching movies or Blu-ray / HD / DVD and Free TV channel. The Custom mode is the soft comfort. Not sharp and not the assault. Probably not very bright. Color temperature to warm such as theater. Tips for viewing at night or in dim light.

        Scene is the Hot Key to the Home button on the remote control of the blue.Classified as a "magic button" for novice players. It will include video and audio modes that correspond to the types of items such as Photo / Cinema / Game / Sports / Graphics (for PC). For example, if we're watching sports, especially football, the Premier League. We would like to change, and to describe the atmosphere of the stadium. The easiest way is to use a button to select the Scene Sports. No need to adjust the image to be confused.

         We strongly advise you to play the game, then go to ‘Game Scene’. The colors are great,comfortable, anti-Input lag. Including the use of TV as a computer monitor can be adjusted to the Scene Graphics for the contrast and a brightness level that is appropriate to your eyes. Do not forget that 32BX350 resolution of 1366 x 768 HD Ready is not the Full HD 1920 x 1080. The animation is good, ‘ghost’ is able to be moderate. No traces of the "shadow behind"

        While the Standard Definition picture from a DVD source and the receiver of the satellite signal, which shows a rough picture of it. Some signs that the poor may be seen as a rectangle around the block, if you watch the screen closely. This solution is a feature called ’Intelligent Picture Plus’ and select ‘Picture Optimisation‘ to adjust the contrast that gives quality out the "sharp" (Crisp) or "soft" (Smooth). This feature is available with a Standard Definition Analog signals only.

         Sound system of Sony LCD TV 32BX520 provide 8 +8 Watts that is Mid Range and Tweeter. The sound mode have Dynamic / Standard / Clear Voice and Equaliser for tuning high frequency noise and low profile. In addition, also have Surround Sound and Bass Booster to increase the sound of a low frequency sound to suit your taste, choose as you like. Overall sound quality, it is a good volume, clarity of tone in the middle, there is frustration and shake a few times. If the volume is too loud.

  • HDMI x 2
  • AV x 1
  • Component x 1
  • Antenna x 1
  • RGB PC x 1
  • USB x 1
** support files: divx,.mkv.
1. FM Radio: The main selling point of Sony BX Series. If we plug the antenna cable into the Antenna port can choose to listen to your favorite bands.with set-up or  pre-set channels, so we choose the easier it can be done as well.
2. Twin Picture: Another feature that value TV often not provided. But Sony also generous gift to every year. Twin Picture is the view two windows at once. The main window will display the digital signal from HDMI. The second window is an analog source such as TV (Antenna) or AV. We can also choose where the sound comes out of the window just to the left or right button on the remote control.
3. Power Saving: Power Save mode to "lower the lights go down," with four levels, including with Off / Low / High / Picture Off (audio only). This power saving mode can be used at night to help the eye care and have little power saving.

Sony LCD TV 32BX350 review.2
  1. The FM Radio; Listen to Radio on the TV immediately.
  2. Twin Picture features a dual or "two-in-one".
  3. The compact, lightweight, easily assembled by one person.
  4. Scene Modes automatically adjust the picture and sound to match the watch list. It is easy to use.
  1. The stand is fixed can not adjust to the left and right.
  2. The contrast, it is not good enough. if compared with senior version.
        Sony 32BX350 LCD TV is the "Entry Level" which features an FM Radio and Twin Picture to enhance the difference when compared with the same price of the other TV. Image quality was considered good to the movies or watch TV. The device and the applications designed to be easy. If you are considering buying a LCD TV 32 " value version and the price is not high and focus on basic general use. You could consider the Sony 32BX350 is good choice before you buy.


Anonymous said...

I spent quite a bit of time reviewing TV’s before I finally decided to make a purchase and I'm glad I went with this Sony model. It has all the features of the more expensive XBR series. I also like that it has a uniform thickness and looks great mounted on my wall in my bedroom. I bought it for my bedroom for watching HD with my new DISH Hopper satellite receiver and the picture is all around great in HD. The remote can also be used universally with other devices, but I still prefer my DISH universal remote. Good thing my co-worker at DISH showed me this TV, I couldn’t be happier with any other TV or service.

Wrist man said...

I am very happy with you that you choose the thing what you want and enjoy with it. Thanks for your feedback.

SAM said...

Hi Wrist, Thanks for the post.I would like to buy a 32BX350 based on your review.however somebody told that 32BX320 is better than 32BX350. Is that true? And would u please share few comparison between 32BX350 with same level Samsung lcd TV

Wrist man said...

Hi Sam
I think that 32BX350 not different from the old version in 2010 (BX300) and 2011 (BX320). So the feature are not different, just add "Dynamic Backlight Control" functionality on BX350.

BX350 was developed from BX320 and was released this year. Some people may not see the old technology such as Live Colour™ Technology with Advanced Contrast Enhancer or even BRAVIA Sync. So they might think that the BX320 better than. In fact, these technologies can be used as a new technology for BX350.

I have no details of the Sony 32BX320, in addition to specification of it. However, I believe that the new products are developed from the old product, It should have better performance. And I believe in the technology of Sony, which will move forward and better than ever.

Thank you very much.

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