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Review Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855 3D LED HDTV

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855 3D LED HDTV Review.

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855 3D LED HDTV Review.

Last year, many people will experience with the Monolithic Design of the 2011 Sony Bravia TV, which are outstanding in the picture, design and aesthetics that have become apparent. In 2012, the Sony was released HX855 to the market, and continue to build on this concept as the original.

Monolithic Design is the beginning of Sony's efforts to create a TV that can impress the audience at “Every time”. Of course, "Every time" that is not always open for viewing only but also time "Not enabled" too. To achieve these goals are the "TV" to be able to impress even be put in place.

The ultimate goal of achieving a foundation focusing on three main Function, Form and Performance is the perfect combination of the three, it is simplicity that distinguished them. The basis of its simplicity contribute to the harmony is not to block recognition. By using the eye-catching, drawing attention of people from the environment too. But the other side of the TV itself is encouraging environment is enhanced by designing applications that function perfectly and impressed by the quality of picture and sound spectacular.

Design of Sony 55HX855 retains the basic design concept of Monolithic Design, as well as last year. However, it have some changes from the original. Design of the TV is still the "black stone, and glass" design, as well as the 2011. The material used is glass, “Corning Gorilla Glass” by the full panel, the metal frame (Brushed aluminium) to create a unique color of the border.

However, the difference was obvious from the standard is “design of the stand” that change of the base plate has a pole at the center, became the “Arch bridge”. But the most striking is the "Monolithic TV Stand" are supplied with a 55HX855.

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855 3D LED HDTV   Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855 3D LED HDTV Monolithic_TV_Stand

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855 3D LED HDTV Review.

USB 2 slots for plugging in a webcam and Flash Drive Support Multimedia basics, such as video files in DivX, avi, mpeg etc file the Jpeg and music files to mp3, AAC, etc., but the plug on External Harddisk is used regularly, it invisible (The same as last year).

Performance of Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855.

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855 comes with many features Scene Mode as well, Each mode has a basic configuration that is conducive to the format used to select a reference or a ready mode. At the same time it supports the various settings in the manual to fit perfectly with the content. And support tailored to the transmission of images with more precision in reference level.

To test the validity of the basic color temperature and Color Gamut The Graphics mode gives the most accurate, second is the Cinema. However, in the Graphics mode will not be able to compensate for some forms, such as Motionflow, Noise Reduction and Enhancer, which is suitable for use as a reference monitor to the original such as the Graphics work.

In the movie, we recommend the mode Cinema because it has features to compensate that we may be required, thus providing more flexibility.
The 55HX855 is shown in detail in the dark as well without the need for customization [If you selected the right Scene Mode]. So features in the Adv. Contrast Enhancer is completely useless! It does not help to improve your image, it will distort the original. In particular, the gradient of brightness. It will result in loss of spontaneity.

Black Level, HX855, also a vice HX 925 the top model of previous year. So potential of the Dynamic Edge LED Local Dimming of the HX855 is the best. When used in conjunction with Light Sensor to Control Backlight level based on ambient light conditions along the way. To help reduce the Backlight Leakage and the black levels control are good when paired with the Edge LED.
3D Picture.

The 3D image is satisfactory, not any crosstalk while testing the Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855, images were clear and did not produce any visible ghosting effects close to the HX925. But should control the light source shall not interfere with viewing.

You can set the float level - depth of 3D imaging as well as older models. If you adjust to high, it will have dizziness. The default value (0) is the perfect fit.
The picture quality 2D--natural colors, soft eyes. Although the structure is not Full LED Local Dimming Backlight, but the potential of the Edge LED Local Dimming, it helps to control the black level is good.

Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)
Access to "Sony Entertainment Network" via Bravia TV simple push button SEN on the remote. You can browse through the web browser, it can be done through the Sony Internet TV, do not rely on the computer. Although it does not support Flash.

In addition, you can also control various functions of the TV and surf the Web with Smart Phone througn app that called “Sony Media Remote”
** Users can browse through the Smart Phone and send images to show on a TV. On the other hand, is surfing the web through TV and send the link of page to the Smart Phone. The use of Smart Phone to control TV and surfing the web is very convenient (Acting as a mouse. And keyboard).

The test sound from the speakers of the 55HX855 be installed by placing it into the Downward sound (Indentation to the back a little). The sound that the audience hears is the most resonance. of course, that will affect the high frequency noise Although, increasing the level Treble to offset a certain level but will have an impact on the Mid-rang frequency, which is somewhat rough, and dimensional discrimination of a stereo sound is somewhat ambiguous.

Effects from the use of simulated surround sound effect is not clear cut. The low frequency can acceptable because of the woofer is mounted behind the center [Indentation to the top of the screen]. While the sound of the TV Stand (SU-B553S) that contributes to a more enjoyable movie, and listen to music better than the standard speakers. The driver put the full range left-right, shoot straight to the audience on front of the TV to get a better stereo sound.

However, this applications may need to adjust the settings quite a bit to make it sound perfect.
  • The first variable setup that effects the sound quality of 55HX855 is TV Position to match the actual usage, standard stand - Table-top Stand, Wall - Wall Mount / Floor Stand, used in conjunction with the TV Stand - Speaker Integrated Stand.
  • In the test set to music Treble +4 ~ +8, Bass 0~+4, Surround- Off, Sound Enhancer – On. The distance from the walls, which affected the amount of low frequencies to compensate for too much Bass will result in attenuation of the driver. (Sounds stuffy).
Other Feature.
Highlights of the functions that Sony still preserved is Twin Picture or to display images from two input sources on a single screen. The user can choose freely. Whether the signal from any input. (But do not support the display of the same type of input with 2 monitors).

So if you are already a source such as a watching football (Free TV / Cable TV), along with the gaming console (Component / HDMI), etc. You can do it, do not need any additional equipment.
Watching Free TV gives better picture, of course, the scaler system contributes to the impressive as a Noise Reduction and Enhancer and (some variable to its maximum potential, May be defined as appropriate depending on the quality of the source).

Sony KDL-55HX855 continue the legend Monolithic Design is a perfect fit. Although some feature are still inferior the HX925, but with the price of the lower (as well as with the NX720 was launched last year) but for this TV Stand is a device that creates a striking contrast.
Functionality, "Sony Entertainment Network" that comes with the online content of the familiar and from Sony, and the app is more diverse, supports sharing media files over the network, to surf the web through a Web browser directly, not dependent on the computer.

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855 Score.

2D Picture
3D Picture
Sound* [SU-V553S only]


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